Monday, April 23, 2018

Balm Baby - a Must-Have for the Whole Family

So many families have loved seeing Balm Baby products at our cloth diapering resource booth this year, so we thought we'd take a minute to tell you a little bit more about their brand. We absolutely love the mission behind this family-run business and are so glad to have them supporting the #makeclothmainstream IRL booth to help educate families about cloth diapers all around the US.
Balm! Baby products are not only natural, but they are effective, made in the USA, Leaping Bunny certified, and packaged with sustainable materials. We've been using them in our home for years and my kids are obsessed with their orange flavored "teeth paste" while I'm obsessed with their eco-friendly packaging!

Cloth diapering families will love Balm! Baby's diaper balm and juice those wipes concentrate. 

 If you're local to one of the many events we'll be attending this year (check out the Spray Pal Facebook page for event info), be sure to stop by our booth because we'll have some amazing samples for you to try! Families at the Prego Expo Dallas this weekend couldn't stop talking about how great the diaper balm smelled, and it's extra reassuring to know that there's nothing harsh in there and it's cloth diaper safe!

Balm Baby makes products for the whole family, including nipple soother, skin and body care for moms, dads, and babies.

From aluminum-free deodorant to shave cream and beard oil, you are sure to find products you'll feel good about having in your home. They have a variety of brands and product lines created with your family's health and our planet's protection in mind. Check out to see their entire family of brands!

What is your favorite Balm Baby product?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth Day Sales are LIVE now at Spray Pal!

We are excited to announce all the amazing Earth Day 2018 deals and discounts on cloth diapers, accessories, Spray Pal bundles, and more! Everything is on sale and it's a great time to stock up on everything you need for your cloth diapering journey. Read below to see all the deals and shop when you're ready to save!

Thirsties: 15% off* (exclusives 20% off)
Best Bottom: 20% off
KangaCare/Rumparooz: 20% off
GroVia: 20% off
Tots Bots: 20% off 4/21-22.
Lalabye Baby: 10-20% off through the 22nd.
Funky Fluff: 20% off
Bummis: 20% off
Osocozy: 20% off
Happy Heiny's: 20% off
Smart Bottoms: 20% off
Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb: 20% off

*Fern and 02 Revival excluded

Spray Pal diaper sprayers, shields and bundles: 20% off
Planet Wise: 20% off
Amber necklaces: 20% off
Thistle Farms: 20% off
Everything else at least 15% off!

FREEBIES in every order will be based off total purchase. Guaranteed value of freebie will be at least 10% of the amount spent on your order! Feel free to include all of your deepest hopes, dreams, wishes (or just color/brand/style preferences) for your freebies in your order comments and we always do our best to accommodate if we can!

PLUS: Reward points for every dollar spent and free shipping all year long once you order with us 5 times!

Monday, April 16, 2018

$500+ Prego Expo Dallas Cloth Diaper Giveaway

We're thrilled to be teaching new parents about the benefits of cloth diapers during our #MakeClothMainstream IRL tour! We'll be at events all over the country with some great products from our fantastic sponsors, and our next event is The Prego Expo Dallas on April 22nd.

Get tickets for Prego Expo Dallas 4/22 by going here: Prego Expo Dallas

Our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be at The Prego Expo in Dallas this weekend on April 22nd! If you're local we invite you to come by, chat us up, and bring a cloth curious friend or five! Not only will we have all the tools you need to see how cloth works but we have an amazing giveaway you can enter. We'll also have some free samples you can try out at home!

If you're not local don't worry, our giveaway is open to our friends at home, too. Thanks to our sponsors Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Spray Pal, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, and Osocozy we can make this all possible!
The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $500+ in goodies from Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, Spray Pal, and Osocozy.
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Friday, April 13, 2018

Love Your Mother Challenge & Giveaway

Did you know that April is Earth Month? Balm Baby is encouraging you to make small changes this month with their #LoveYourMother challenge and Spray Pal is just one of TONS of brands joining in on this giveaway!

Do something to promote sustainability and share your progress throughout the month on Instagram (use the hashtags #LoveYourMother and #DoYourPart) and tag @BalmBaby and/or @ClothDiaperGeek so they can see your progress.
US & Canadian residents can pledge to make sustainable changes this month (via the Rafflecopter form) and be entered to win more than $500 in prizes from sponsors, including Spray Pal!
Get your giveaway entries in the Rafflecopter form below, then RSVP for the closing party! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spray Pal & #MakeClothMainstream IRL are Coming to The Prego Expo Dallas 4/22!

The Prego Expo Dallas is happening on Sunday, April 22nd, and we're so excited to be there at our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth teaching all the families about how easy cloth diapers can be! Feel free to stop by our booth, ask any questions you may have, or come sit in the on-stage session at noon where Jen Aprea from Spray Pal will go over the ins and outs of cloth diapering.

Our booth will have products from our sponsors (Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, Spray Pal, and Osocozy) that you can see, touch and explore. We'll be right there to answer any questions you have!
Get your Prego Expo Dallas tickets, RSVP for our Facebook event, and be sure to tell a friend.
We hope to see you there, and keep your eyes peeled for an amazing cloth diaper giveaway that you can enter whether or not you're attending beginning Monday!

Monday, April 9, 2018

#MakeClothMainstream Monday Giveaway with Baby Mushroom & Spray Pal

Like so many of our great #MakeClothMainstream Monday giveaway partners, Baby Mushroom founder Liat didn't get her product idea from business school, it was motherhood that inspired her. Raising a baby in an NYC apartment, she struggled to create safe and comfortable play spaces on her hard floors, and the snug square was born!

Other products followed, including the Baby Bello organic play mat featured in this week's prize package. This 4.5 foot square play mat is made in the USA with organic, non-toxic materials, includes a waterproof layer, machine washable cover and rolls up for easy storage!

Baby Bello's DIY keepsake & photo frame kit is the perfect new baby gift. Capture baby's tiny hands and feet, then personalize with the included stencils and baby's photos. This gift will be treasured long after the cute newborn clothing is outgrown!

One lucky winner will receive a Baby Mushroom Organic Play Mat, as well as a baby keepsake picture frame!

The winner will also receive a $25 GC to spend on anything they like from Spray Pal!

Total prize value is approximately $274.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Cloth Diapering with Special Needs - Julie's Story

As many of you know, we have been cloth diapering our micro-preemie son since he was a week old, which included his 7 month NICU stay. He's six years old now, and we still have to use cloth part time for car rides, etc. due to his developmental delays. We've found more and more families find us because they are researching how to use cloth diapers with their children with special needs, and we felt it was time to put together a resource for those families.

We reached out to well-known members of the cloth diapering community and asked if they'd be willing to share their stories. We share these stories with you with the hopes that you will find them helpful and feel free to share these far and wide as a resource for other families with differently-abled kiddos so we can normalize acceptance and #makeclothmainstream!

If you're looking to get started with cloth diapers, please check out our cloth diapering starter kit HERE as a great, affordable way to get off on the right foot. We'd be happy to customize it to fit your child's needs if you just send us an email!

Our second story in this series comes from Julie Melton who just happens to be the sister of AppleCheeks' social media superstar, Natalie Holladay! Her son Flynn is super adorable (as you'll see in the photos below), and he rocks his fluff!! Thanks so much for sharing your story, Julie.
Julie and Flynn

Our son, Flynn, was born with spina bifida, specifically, myelomeningocele with Chiari II malformation and hydrocephalus. When he came out via C-section, they turned him over and saw the lesion. It was unknown up to that moment. He had surgery the next day to basically put his spinal cord back inside his body and close the opening. As is common in these cases, his head size began increasing so they inserted a shunt to drain the fluid into his abdomen.

My husband and I adopted Flynn at 3 weeks old. He was being released from the hospital in Miami and the agency was scrambling to find a family. We didn't even know what he looked like until they texted us pictures while we were somewhere north of Tampa on 75 on our last leg of the drive from Texas.

It was daunting to deal with a tiny human with what I constantly feared was a self-destruct button on his back! He had a bandage from surgery that was to be left alone until it fell off, and a mud flap contraption that had to be changed daily with diaper changes. I had planned to start cloth diapering with some hand me down diapers from a family member, but with the newness and medical stuff each change (his poor bum was a mess) to fix diaper rash and clean the area, we just started with disposables.

By the time he was about 2 months old, with the guidance of my sister, an old pro at clothing already and working for a cloth diaper company, I started cloth diapering. It took some trial and error to get the right fit, but we had good success. Washing cloth diapers isn't hard. It may take some tweaking to get the wash routine right, but it's nice to never have to worry about running out of diapers! I highly recommend a diaper sprayer. (Disclaimer: I have a Spray-Pal shield and sprayer sitting idle while I still dunk and swish as we are setting up his bathroom.) And there's nothing cuter than a fluffy bum! We also love our cloth swim diapers for bath time, since there's almost always at least a poop smear.

Some people think cloth diapers keep babies from moving around. Flynn's physical development has been delayed due to a really big head and muscle weakness, mainly in his legs, yet he learned to roll over, army crawl, and sit up wearing cloth diapers. He's not walking yet, but they don't hold him back at all!

With spina bifida, the bowels and bladder are affected. We deal with constipation since his bowel doesn't function normally, so we give him a stool softener. This can lead to wet poop when he drinks a lot of fluids. In fact, earlier this evening, we had a 'Code Brown' that did escape the leg ruffle, but that couldn't be helped. It would have laughed in the face of a disposable. Also, diaper rashes are a rare thing here, and are usually caused by something out of the ordinary like antibiotics.

We moved up in cloth diaper size and now that he is a chunky 2 year old, we are wearing size 3 in AppleCheeks. They developed their Universal line, sizes 3 and 4 for larger kids/kids who are in diapers longer. Flynn won't be continent on his own, but we will start a bowel management program in the next year or so. We catheterize him now. We are glad to have a product that will be usable and cost effective for several years. I see people talking all the time about the expense of the pull ups they use for their bigger kids. Cloth diapering, especially over an extended period of time is worth it!

Thank you again to Julie for sharing her story. You can read the Christine's story, the first in our series, HERE.