Monday, August 13, 2018

Intimidated by wool? Don't be! It's the perfect overnight cloth diapering solution!

Throughout our 2018 #makeclothmainstream IRL tour, we get asked a lot of questions about how to use cloth diapers overnight. Luckily, I have lots of personal experience cloth diapering two very heavy-wetting kiddos, so I'm able to answer with honest, first-hand experience. And I'll tell you what I tell them at the booth: I was super intimidated by wool before I tried it, but once I caved after so many recommended it for overnight, I was completely sold and it was WAY easier than I expected. We used sloomb fitteds and interlock wool covers and it was a "bulletproof" solution!

If you have seen Sloomb wool, you may already have heart eyes emoji šŸ˜feelings for the brand. Whether you use their wool as a cover over your favorite cloth diaper, Sloomb's own natural fiber diapers, or just as pants, you'll likely be smitten right away. Choose from pants, shorts, leggings and covers, all in beautiful colors and designs.

Sloomb has an excellent guide for hand washing & lanolizing wool, which is exactly what I used for my wool wash routine:

Spot treat any stains by wetting the wool with warm water, and dabbing a small drop of wool wash into the stain. For particularly stubborn stains, pinch the soap into the stitches of the wool, and allow the soap to sit on the wool for about 15 minutes. Then rinse well under running water and repeat if needed.
Fill your basin with tepid water, and add a few squirts of wool wash as the basin fills. Create some suds by agitating the water, and turn the wool inside out. Place it into the basin, allowing it to sit about 5-15 minutes. Gently agitate the water a few times through the soak. Rinse the wool under running water, making sure to match the temperature of the running water with the temperature of the water in the basin. Repeat the wash if needed and gently squeeze (don't wring) the extra water out once the wool has been completely rinsed.
While your wool is soaking in the wash water, start to make up your lanolin emulsification. Take a small bowl or mug of water, and heat it to tea steeping temperature. Add about a teaspoon of lanolin and a die size cut of Sloomb Cube, an Emulsifying Cube, or a few squirts of wool wash, and stir until the water turns a milky white.
After your clean wool is rinsed, fill the basin again with warm water, and pour your lanolin mixture in (the water in the basin should turn cloudy). Place your wool into the basin and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes. For best results, new wool may be soaked overnight.
Once the wool has soaked in the lanolin squeeze out the extra water and roll the wool in a towel. If your washer has a "spin only" setting, the wool can be spun in the washer on low, to remove the extra water and decrease drying time.
Lay the wool flat in a well-ventilated area and turn it often as it dries. Drying time will vary based on humidity, ambient temperature and ventilation. We do not recommend drying over a heater, directly in the sun, or under/over cold air, as this can shock wet fibers and cause the wool to felt. However, laying the wool under a ceiling fan or outside on a breezy day shouldn't pose a problem. Drying on an open rack or laundry drying rack can help shorten drying time, as these will allow airflow around the wool garment.

Still worried about wool care? Playwoolies are machine washable! Sloomb also has you covered with stunning and functional accessories like their wool dryer balls. Add them to your dryer to fluff laundry and reduce drying time and energy use.
What is your favorite Sloomb product?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Make Cloth Mainstream Giveaway with Baby Love Basics & Spray Pal

Baby Love Basics was born when owner Tameeka wanted her daughter to have 100% natural skin care products to eliminate the rashes caused by unnecessary toxins in mainstream products. Baby Love Basics believes that all baby products should be kept 100% natural, free of toxins/preservatives, and be gentle on delicate skin.

The Baby Love Basics product line includes chest rub, eczema relief ointment, body washes, body creams, and a cloth diaper safe diaper balm!

One lucky winner will receive a $40 shop credit to Baby Love Basics plus a Spray Pal splatter shield!

Total prize value is approximately $65.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Make Cloth Mainstream Sponsor Thirsties Has a Cloth Diaper for Every Family!

Have you tried Thirsties cloth diapers? This versatile brand manufactures in the United States and offers styles to fit any preference or budget. From super "thirsty" and easy to use natural fiber all-in-ones, to affordable duo wrap styles, pocket diapers, inserts, prefolds and accessories, all products are made with high-quality materials and the utmost care.

Did you know that Thirsties also makes swim diapers? Check out the Cloth Diapers Made Easy Swim Diapers podcast for more information about swim diapers!

Spray Pal Thirsties Exclusives Good Fortune and Summer Lovin' are both available, while supplies last.

What is your favorite Thirsties product?

Sunday, July 29, 2018

$500+ #MakeClothMainstreamIRL Tour Cloth Diaper Giveaway

We are so excited to teach new parents about the benefits of cloth diapers during our #MakeClothMainstream IRL tour! We'll be at events all over the country with some great products from our fantastic sponsors, and after The Prego Expo Tampa 7/29, our next event is BabyFest Seattle 8/4 at The Meydenbauer Center.

Get tickets for BabyFest Seattle 8/4 by going here: BabyFest Seattle and find more informaton on our BabyFest Seattle event page

Our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be at BabyFest Seattle this weekend on August 4th! If you're local we invite you to come by, chat us up, and bring a cloth curious friend or five! Not only will we have all the tools you need to see how cloth works but we have an amazing giveaway you can enter. We'll also have some free samples you can try out at home!

If you're not local don't worry, our giveaway is open to our friends at home, too. Thanks to our sponsors Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Spray Pal, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, and Osocozy we can make this all possible!

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $500+ in goodies from Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, Spray Pal, and Osocozy.

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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Spray Pal to #MakeClothMainstream at The Prego Expo Tampa 7/29

Spray Pal's #MakeClothMainstreamIRL cloth diapering information booth will be at The Prego Expo Tampa on Sunday, July 29th at the Tampa Convention Center. If you're expecting and interested in learning about cloth diapers (and so much more), this family-friendly (siblings included!) event is for you!

The Prego Expo features more than 70 exhibitors with everything fertility, pregnancy and baby. Talk to experts, try products, and attend educational seminars. There will be lots of giveaways, a Babies & Bumps fashion show, and much more. This is a must-attend event for any parents who are expecting, have new babies, or are trying to conceive.
Our booth will have products from our sponsors (Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, Spray Pal, and Osocozy) that you can pick and and explore, plus we'll be ready to answer all of your questions.
Doors open at 11 for VIP admission, 11:30 for general admission, with the show running until 4:00.
Get your tickets to The Prego Expo Tampa and get all the details on our Facebook event page.
Stay tuned for another amazing giveaway 7/29-8/4!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Thirsties Good Fortune Giveaway (5 Winners!) + Amazing Sale!

Have you read the story behind the latest Thirsties Spray Pal exclusive, Good Fortune? No matter which Thirsties cloth diaper style is your favorite, and whether you prefer the blue or plum trim, we think you will love the print as much as we do.

Prize: Five winners will each receive his/her choice of a Thirsties Spray Pal Exclusive Good Fortune product!
Value of each prize is approximately $13.95-$24.95
Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

BONUS: Can't wait to see if you win? One's not enough? Spray Pal Thirsties exclusives are 15% off this week only! We still have a very limited number of Summer Lovin' products in-stock. We love this fun print so much, we'll be so sad to see the last ones go! Grab any of our exclusives at 15% off now through Friday HERE.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How Does the Thirsties Natural Pocket Compare to the Original Pocket Cloth Diaper?

What's not to love about Thirsties pocket cloth diapers? The one-size diapers fit babies from 8-40 pounds, gussets hold in the messiest of messes, and the inserts are amazingly absorbent. Yet, Thirsties managed to make a good thing even better with their new Natural Pocket cloth diaper.

You may be wondering, what exactly is different about these? I love the pocket diapers, do these fit the same?
Yes, the natural pocket has the same great fit as the original Thirsties pocket diapers. They have the same waterproof outer, amazing leg gussets and 55% hemp/40% organic cotton full-size insert. You can still choose from hook and loop or snap closures and they still fit babies from 8-40 pounds. But as you can see in the photo below, the natural pocket (on top) is a bit trimmer than the original thanks to those natural fiber inserts.

Natural pocket on top, original on the bottom.
What's difference? The diaper lining and newborn insert have both been replaced with natural fibers! Thirsties natural pocket diapers are lined with organic cotton rather than the microfleece of the original pocket diapers. This is fantastic news for families who love pocket diapers but have a baby who is sensitive to synthetic materials.
Thirsties' original pocket (right) has a microfleece lining while the new natural pocket (left) is lined with organic cotton.
No more synthetic materials in the inserts either! The natural pocket boasts a 100% organic cotton newborn insert rather than the microfiber terry newborn insert of the original pocket. The only downside you may find to this change is that the organic cotton lining of the pocket is no longer "stay dry" - so if your baby has a sensitivity to moisture but NOT synthetic fibers, then you may want to stick with the original pocket. The microfleece is great for pulling the wetness into the insert and providing a "stay dry" feel against your baby's skin.

Thirsties Natural Pocket (left) with two organic cotton inserts. Original pocket (right) contains one organic cotton and one microfiber insert.
The suggested retail price of the natural pocket has increased slightly to cover the cost of the natural materials (there is $1.50 price difference).
Are you excited about the new natural pocket?
CLICK HERE to shop Thirsties products at Spray Pal and HERE to shop Spray Pal + Thirsties exclusives!