Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mystery Bundles are BACK!

For a very limited time, as in TODAY only from 9am EST until midnight (or until we run out), we are bringing back our very popular Mystery Bundles!! If you've ever bought one of our bundles in the past, then you know these are super fun, super mysterious, and super sought after! And such a great way to add to your cloth diapers stash. So make sure you're on our site right at 9am to get your order in!

What makes these super fun?

Well, they're a great way to bulk up your cloth diaper stash and try new brands you've been curios about. Trying new fluff is always fun!! But maybe you're one of those fluffy moms who only likes a certain brand for your baby. Well, this will be fun for you, too! Put in your order comments whatever you want us to know and we will do our best to accommodate! An example: "We only use ________ and I already have _______ print but I'd love anything girly!" What a fun surprise to get some new colors and prints in a brand you love, right?? ;)

Mysterious you say? Why all the mystery? What's so fun about that?

I'm so glad you asked! Every so often we get into a bind where we need to make room to stock NEW and exciting items (ahem...exclusives), but it's not the typical time of year where we can offer a big sale. You'll find the big sales typically run around Black Friday and Earth Day. Well, we need the space now! So we can offer a limited number of mystery bundles specially curated for you (but...thought we do take your requests strongly into consideration, we cannot guarantee you'll get exactly what you ask for because it will be limited to the stock we have on hand...which is a MYSTERY!!!) and this way we aren't breaking any brands' rules by running sales.

So when you say "sought after" what exactly are we talking here?

Let's just say, if you want to grab yourself a bundle, which of COURSE you do, I would recommend getting on our site right at 9am. Maybe even a bit earlier if you want to check out all we have to offer and get your comments/requests typed out. These bundles will be available in 2 different price points, and when we have done them in the past they have completely sold out. We pack them in the order that they are received, so those who order right at 9am are likely to get more of their wishes granted. If we do sell out early, there is a chance we could restock some later in the afternoon depending on what inventory we have left after those bundles get packed up. But you don't want to take the chance on missing out, these are always such a great deal and we love seeing all of your fluff mail photos after!!

Some last minute tips and tricks: If you are hoping for a Spray Pal diaper sprayer, you'll definitely want to go for the $75 mystery bundle and mention it in your order comments. You can also include requests for cloth diapers with it because you'll obviously get more than just a sprayer. But the $75 bundle is the only one that might include a sprayer in it. If you're hoping for a Spray Pal shield, you can choose either bundle and put it in your comments along with other wishes/requests. Also, your wishes don't have to be just about cloth diapers...if you're needed pail liners, wetbags, or cloth wipes, just mention that! We have a lot to offer and we need to make a lot of space, so nothing is off limits for requests (just remember we cannot guarantee you'll get EXACTLY what you wish for, but we will try)!! Happy shopping!

Here's the Spray Pal website if you want to check out the awesomeness that *might* become part of your mystery bundle: www.spray-pal.com I'll throw in the link to the mystery bundles after they go live!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spray Pal Demo with Calgary Cloth

In case you missed it we did a LIVE Facebook with Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (one of our awesome Canadian retailers) to show fans and customers how to use their Spray Pal Sprayer and Splatter Shield.

In this video we cover how to spray AppleCheeks (of course, this is a Canadian store and we love AC!), prefolds, and even trainers!

We hope this video answers your questions on using the Spray Pal, be sure to follow our own Facebook page for notifications for the next time we go live. Our live demos are a great time to ask questions and get them answered on VIDEO right away! We do live videos on our own page and also on retailer pages, all of which will be announced through our own page. Plus they tend to have a giveaway with them ;)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Baby

UPDATE for July 11: The Spray Pal sprayer and shield bundle SOLD OUT in under 30 minutes and the waitlist filled up completely! So amazing to watch cloth diapers become mainstream on Prime Day. Good news if you missed it, the Spray Pal shield on it's own is up next for a deal starting at 10:20am central time. Make sure you grab yours quickly if you have been wanting one! You can go find it now under the "Baby" category and click "watch this deal" if you have the app, and Amazon will send you a notification 5 minutes before it goes live.

This morning I just scored new shoes for school! The Prime Day Deal takes an extra 30% off when you check out, so that was awesome! Here's what mini SP 2.0 will be rocking to kinder next month:

Something else that caught my eye but isn't necessarily baby related...the 23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service - 75+ Online Reports. Has anyone tried this before? At 50% off it seems like a great deal, and I've always been curious of my genetic makeup since my dad was adopted. Worth the splurge on Prime Day??

Last update for me...I still haven't jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon, and every year at this time I feel like everyone is telling me I need one. We use Hello Fresh for much of our cooking, so I'm not sure it would fit in with our schedule, but maybe I'm wrong. Do you use an Instant Pot? Do you love it? I could see it coming in handy for cooking quinoa or dry beans for mini Spray Pal 2.0's blended diet, but we do it on the stove now and it works out fine. Is it worth the counter space real estate?

July 10, 2017 - I know in the past, Amazon's Prime Day 2017 - 30 Hours of Deals has seemed like much ado about nothing. The prices were decent, but the products were typically things nobody really needed. Well, it looks like Amazon upped their game this year. I just took a peek at what's on the list for upcoming prime deals in the baby category, and I was pleasantly surprised to see TONS of brands I actually would have used and often recommend to new or expecting families. Here's a list of my standouts. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list because I can only see the things that are coming up tonight, but if this list is any indication of what's in store for tomorrow, I think parents are going to be stoked to stock up on these deals!

1. Evenflo Car Seats for various stages. I wish I could see what the deal was, but a safe car seat is definitely a must have on any baby list! The stainless steel cups and glass storage containers that happened to make it into the screen shot are great items to have on hand as well.
Car seats and safe food storage? Yes, please!
2. So many favorites on this screen shot. EZPZ is obviously adored by so many parents to help make mealtime less messy, and we here at Spray Pal couldn't agree more that less mess is best! ;) Joovy is another great brand if you're looking for a nice set of bottles. And honestly we could never have enough muslin blankets. We still have a few around for the kids to this day!


3. We may be a bit partial to this one, but HELLO?!?! Awesome deal on a Spray Pal sprayer and shield bundle?? You won't want to miss this!! Plus, look at all those other baby items you may want/ need. A good swing was a definite must for us!

Yes, yes, YES!! Spray Pal FTW!
PS - if you're just getting started with cloth diapers, you may want to take advantage of this deal on our starter kit. It's not technically a Prime Day deal, but it is on sale and this price will only last as long as Prime Day does!

4. Well, ok, this isn't great for the baby stage...but you better believe I'll be stocking up on these for the kids' lunch boxes this year! LOVE this color! EDIT for July 11: Soooo, this actual color didn't go on sale, but I still scored an orange and blue one for mini Spray Pal 2.0's lunch box!


5. Baby carriers! Life with a baby is SO much easier with a good baby carrier, and we saw PLENTY of great ones scheduled to come up as a Prime Day deal. A few to stalk: SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby - The COMPLETE All Seasons (Stone), BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One, CuddleBug Grey Baby Wrap  

6, Finally, the ever popular Ju Ju Be will be featured! They had more than this product listed, but I took a screen shot of the paci-pod because I know it works great not just for pacis, but for those ladies who use a reusable menstrual cup! Speaking of...I wonder if those will be on sale, too? Hmmm...


What are you hoping to score for baby this Prime Day? If you don't have Amazon Prime yet, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here, just in time for Prime Day: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Saturday, June 17, 2017

We want to see you in Denver at Prego Expo!

After a short travel break we are heading back out with our best cloth diaper friends to Denver! Our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be there as a resource for new and even experience cloth diaper families who want to learn everything or just want to ask for some help.

These events are amazing opportunities for parents because we can guide them through the overwhelming options available in the cloth diaper world and they can touch the diapers themselves. It's also an incredible chance for us (the cloth diaper world) to convert over more "cloth curious" families who stop by our booth.

Thanks to our sponsors Thirsties, Kanga Care, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Spray Pal, and Osocozy we can make this all possible! We also have coupon codes to hand out during the event to make getting started a little easier on the wallet.

Speaking of... our sponsors have provided very generous prizes that attendees AND non-attendees can enter to win. Sadly not everyone can live in Denver (though based on the real estate market there it seems everyone is trying to!) so this opportunity to win over $300 worth of prizes is open to people all of the US.

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $300+ in goodies from Kanga Care - RumparoozOsoCozy Cloth DiapersThirstiesProject Pomona Allen's Naturally, and Spray Pal.

Prize package including: Thirsties NAIO, $40 GC to Project Pomona, Spray Pal Shield and Sprayer bundle, Osocozy Organic Prefolds (6 pack), Bummis AIO, Rumparooz G2 One Size and Pail Liner and an Allen's Naturally prize package that includes: 1 Gallon of Liquid Laundry Detergent w/ 1 Quart of Stink Out! and two pumps.

It only takes a moment to enter! Be sure to tell your friends about this giveaway and if you know anyone in the Denver area send them over to the Prego Expo for a fun day out!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers: Step 3

In continuing with our "bite-sized" series on how to use cloth diapers, today we'll be talking all about how to store your diapers. This is one of those things that becomes super easy and clear once you jump in and get started with cloth, but many parents who are still in the planning stages are very curious about how this looks in real life. So watch and see how we store our clean diapers between uses as well as our dirty diapers that are waiting for wash day.

How do YOU store your cloth diapers? Leave us a comment below to let us know!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Warning! Video contains REAL {poop} ;)

I came across this video in our YouTube files, and I felt it was worth sharing again...even though we filmed it using one of the original Spray Pal shield models and the Flo sprayer because this was from before the time of launching our very own sprayer (which, by the way, has AMAZING, adjustable water pressure and is even easier to install #shamelessplug). The reason I feel it's worth sharing is that it has a crazy number of views on it. Which means either cloth diapering families are curious to see how our Spray Pal system REALLY works...or...there are a whole bunch of creepers out there trying to watch gross things on the internet. I'm going to let my mind settle on the first option, because sanity is fun. ;)

So, if you've been on the fence about the Spray Pal and you want to know if it really works on that stuck on peanut butter poop, check this video out and let us know what you think! Just be forewarned that there is actual poop on the diaper, so maybe wait to watch until you're finished eating your lunch. Or not, because we're moms and we've seen worse, right? LOL.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers: Step 2

Here at Spray Pal, our mission is to #makeclothmainstream and help families realize that cloth diapers aren't as hard as you might think. To help people get started the EASY way, we've created this blog series with bite-sized videos filled with the tidbits of information you need to get going. Feel free to leave us your burning questions in the comments below!

Step 2: Start buying what you need. Or don't. ;)

Wait, what do you mean "don't"?? Isn't this the fun part? Indeed, buying up all of the adorable colors and prints can be very fun, but we're here to help and we want to be up front with you. The reason there are so many different brands and styles of cloth diapers out there is because there are so many different babies! Newborns come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so if you're still expecting and you are in the planning stages right now, you might be best holding off before investing in a whole bunch of cloth diapers that may not end up working for your baby. Once your baby is here, you can try a variety of styles to see what works/fits best for your unique little one.

If you *really* want to start shopping now (you're nesting, I get it!), this Cloth Diapering Starter Kit from Spray Pal is a great way to start our stash. It includes all of the accessories you'll need in your cloth diapering journey, plus four different styles of cloth diapers from four very popular cloth diaper brands.

Watch the video to learn more, and be sure to give it a "thumbs up" if you find it helpful so we can continue to #makeclothmainstream!