Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rewards galore!

With all of the changes in the cloth diapering retail world we've had to take a step back to evaluate our own business goals. We will forever be committed to our first goal, which is to #makeclothmainstream and help families use their cloth diapers more easily with Spray Pal products. Over the years, we have had customers request that we carry more than just our "one time purchase" diaper sprayer and shield so that they could continue to shop with us and support our business. While we've always been customer-focused, we have now made it a priority to go above and beyond so that we can reach new customers and keep you all coming back for more. That way we can continue to offer all of the amazing products you have come to love!

So, when you shop small with Spray Pal, not only are you helping to support a family-run small business that provides great cloth diapering information to families both on our blog and on our podcast, plus at live events throughout the country, but there's also a little something in it for you!

Check out this awesome list of incentives that we hope will keep you shopping with us and coming back for more:

FREE SHIPPING through 2019 once you place 5 orders!
REWARD POINTS for shopping small on that get you 10% back on your purchases!
BONUS REWARDS for sharing the love on social media (check out our loyalty chat group for details)!
GIVEAWAYS, SPECIAL DISCOUNTS, AND FREEBIES! Be sure you're signed up for our EMAIL LIST and following along on social media for all of the fun details!

Of course, you'll also receive our super fast shipping (FREE in the USA on orders over $49!) and great customer service. We're always here to help!

Follow us on social media and join our Team Mainstream Facebook group to start earning BONUS REWARDS and access to our exclusive GIVEAWAYS! This is where we announce sales, exclusives, and other general fun things first! You can also ask general questions about cloth diapers and or life as it applies to being a parent. It's our little #makeclothmainstream corner of the internet!



Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Share the LOVE with our Buy One GIVE One Sale benefitting The Cloth Option!

For every cloth diaper purchased on our website this Valentine's Day, we will donate one of equal value to The Cloth Option to provide cloth diapers to families facing diaper need. We'll also have some really fun giveaways going that day to make shopping while you give back even more FUN!

This is a very easy way to spread some extra love and joy this Valentine's Day. Just purchase a cloth diaper for your littlest Valentine and we'll automatically do the rest! No codes needed, just shop anytime between February 14th through the 17th and we'll set aside the cloth diaper to donate. We can't wait to see all the GOOD our community can do!

To learn more about The Cloth Option, you can check out our latest podcast episode where we interviewed one of their founders, Sadie Cora! Search for our podcast, Cloth Diapers Made Easy, wherever you listen, or click here to listen online: CLOTH DIAPERS MADE EASY PODCAST

To start shopping for your Valentine, CLICK HERE!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Prego Expo Orlando Cloth Diaper Info Booth plus HUGE Giveaway!

Here's a great opportunity to win some fantastic prizes from some of the best brands in the cloth diapering and natural parenting industry totaling over $500!  We can't wait to share all the benefits of cloth diapering with new and expecting parents during our #MakeClothMainstream IRL 2019 tour!  The tour will kick off at the Prego Expo Orlando February 10th at the Rosen Plaza. 

Get tickets for Prego Expo Orlando on 2/10 here: Prego Expo Orlando

Our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be at The Prego Expo in Orlando this Sunday, February 10th! If you're local we invite you to come by, chat us up, and bring a cloth curious friend or five! You'll be able to get your hands on all the different styles of modern cloth diapers as well as accessories from some of the best brands.  We'll be doing demonstrations and answering any questions you throw at us.  We'll also have some free samples of some great products you can try out at home!  But that's not all!  You can register to win a wide assortment of cloth diapers and related accessories from our sponsors Thirsties, Sloomb, Cloth-eez, Allen's Naturally, Spray Pal, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Best Bottom, Project Pomona, and Tots Bots!

One lucky winner will receive:

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package includes $500+ in goodies. Enter here:

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Start Earning Your Free Shipping with Spray Pal!

What a great way to start the new year!  EARN free shipping on for all of 2019 when you place 5 orders!   To get things started, all pre-2019 Lalabye Baby prints are 15% off while supplies last!  100% free shipping all the time would be ideal, but when we run the numbers, we just can't afford it. BUT, we've come up with a solution that we think you'll LOVE! Just place 5 orders with us in 2019 and you'll earn yourself FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the year! Think of it as a "Prime" membership for all of your cloth diapering needs!
We appreciate the support you give our small, family-run business, and this is our way of saying thank you. With so many brands and products from cloth diapers and accessories to gifts, you'll love ordering whatever you want whenever you want and having it ship to you FAST and FREE!
This system should be nice and easy to maintain because our website already keeps track of your orders when it gives you your reward points. So just check under "My Account" and once you've reached 5 orders shoot us an email and let us know and we'll send you a code for FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the year!
So, to recap: When you shop small with Spray Pal, you'll get 10% back in reward points, you'll earn FREE shipping after 5 orders, and you'll be able to join our exclusive customer Facebook group with first access to fun deals, giveaways, and exclusives!!

Monday, December 17, 2018

We've just sponsored an AMAZING FB event {Giveaway Alert}!!!

We are so excited to share an amazing event happening RIGHT NOW! Taylor's (makers of BALM! Baby and ELEVATED products) is throwing a 10 year anniversary party and Spray Pal is happy to be one of the 30+ giveaway sponsors! There are over $1K in prizes and a ton of fun. First, make sure to join the Balm Baby Ohana FB group to participate in the official party, then enter the giveaway below.

Just click the Rafflecopter form below to enter:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Great Inventions to make Cloth Diapering EASY! {GIVEAWAY}

Many of you already know that the Spray Pal splatter shield was invented by cloth diapering parents to make the task of spraying cloth diapers easy and mess-free. Well, recently I discovered a new brand in the cloth diapering world that was also invented to make your life easier, and who doesn't love EASY?! Meet the Bandie:

Here's the backstory on how this clever little invention came to be from Bandie inventor, Esther Morton:

"We cloth diapered our baby since she was 10 days old, using prefolds and flats covers, and used Snappis to fasten her diapers.

The Bandie hunt began when we started fiddling with lazy EC (elimination communication) and our baby started rolling all around during diaper changes when she was around 6 months old. We needed a solution to the fear and worry of poking her when taking off the diaper each time to use the potty and it was also becoming nearly impossible to properly fasten her diaper while having to wrestle her. I noticed there were only three mainstream ways people secure their baby's diaper: Snappis, pins, or Boingos, all of which have sharp and potentially dangerous parts. I had been a victim to Snappi injuries myself while trying to prevent our baby from getting scratched when putting her diaper both on and off. 

I call the Bandie the new school old school diaper fastener because diaper bands or diaper belts have been around for decades, but before bandies came along, not many people were using them as a way to fasten their diapers!
There were other methods tried and tested, but none were as effective, fast, easy, and worry-free as the Bandie with its soft and comfy elastic with aplix closure. Bandies are the “ouchless” alternative to securing your cloth diaper flats, prefolds, and snapless fitteds. I didn't need to worry about poking myself or my baby with a Snappi or pins anymore!
Also some flats and prefolds just don't take a Snappi well like receiving blanket flats and hemp blend prefolds, and some materials are prone to pin holes. A Bandie works with all materials and is even safe to go against the baby's skin, as it is made with non-fluorescent, non-abrasive materials. It's the only diaper fastener that you can fasten a padfold which was perfect for my busy and lazy days and our baby's super rollie days.
Pairing our flats and prefolds with a Bandie lessened the hassle and stress of potty time and changing time for us and I think it could also be great for potty training in the future!"

To celebrate all this amazing innovation in the cloth diapering world, and to give you a change to try out both of these amazing inventions to see how EASY they can make cloth diapers, we have teamed up for a giveaway!!

Just click the Rafflecopter form below to enter:

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