Friday, September 25, 2015

Our Top 10 Picks for a Cloth Diaper Baby Registry

First, let us ​say,​ “Congratulations!” This is such an exciting time, and we’re excited that you’re here. You may have heard some chatter in cloth diapering groups about families being less than supportive of the decision to use cloth, or just not knowing what to buy. The good news is that there is a huge community that knows how easy it really is, and we’re here to help.

Often times family and friends just don’t realize how different cloth is these days: how well it works, how easy it is, etc. By setting up a registry you can gently nudge them in the right direction. While there are a great many cloth diaper retailers that we love, that may not be the easiest way to get to the most stuck-in-the-mud family members. is actually the #1 marketplace and not only do they have a great baby registry option, they also carry a wide range of cloth diapers and accessories. BabyList is another fabulous registry website which will allow you to register for any of the items below from any online retailer! We’ve compiled a short list to help show how easy cloth is, while giving helpful solutions that family members may actually be interested in buying as shower gifts.

Here are our top picks to help you get started: 

Spray Pal & Sprayer Bundle
  • The first objection you may hear is about sanitation and having to deal with poopy diapers. Ease their worries with the original Spray Pal spray shield and cloth diaper sprayer. Messes will never be a worry with these two around!
Planetwise Wetbag & Pail Liner
  • Wet pails for cloth diapers are dated and potentially unsafe to both baby and your diapers — and admitted we’re kind of grossed out by them too. Planetwise wetbags and pail liners are known for their wide assortment of fun prints to match any taste, and they help make cloth diapering a breeze at home and away.
GroVia Magic Stick
  • One big change with cloth diapers is the type of diaper creams allowed to be use (or risk making a mess of your diapers). Traditional creams provide wetness protection and can quickly leave residues on diapers causing leaks, repelling, and even some pretty rank smells. GroVia Magic Stick is one of our absolute favorite tender bottom solutions. The ingredients are better for baby, and they're completely cloth diaper safe!
  • You may not realize it yet, but you’ll *love* cloth wipes. They grab so more and clean better than any disposable wipe, and you’re already washing diapers so you might as well give them a try!
Thirsties All in One
  • Available in one size and newborn, Thirsties All in One diapers are a favorite in this category. They are affordable and come in some lovely colors and prints, including our favorite “Ocean Life."
Rumparooz Diaper Cover
  • Available in one size and newborn, Rumparooz covers are stylish and functional. Use with your favorite inserts, or put them over an old fashioned prefold!
Molly’s Suds Cloth Diaper Detergent
  • There are lots of great detergents that are safe for cloth diapers, but Molly’s Suds is one of our personal favorites. This detergent is specially formulated for baby and your diapers.
Smart Sheep Dryer Balls
  • Premium wool dryer balls will soften your laundry without the harsh chemicals found in traditional softeners — plus they can drastically decrease dry time. What’s not to love?
Line Drying Octopus
  • “Line” dry your diaper covers anywhere with this adorable octopus. Line drying (vs) machine can help extend the life of your covers — especially if you favor hook & loop closures.
  • So these may not be for baby’s bum, but they are cloth and washable… and they rock! You’ll love these absorbent but discrete breast pads.

Have a tip or favorite item that we've missed? Let us know below!

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