Thursday, October 27, 2016

Beating the System- Using Shower Heads as Diaper Sprayers

When Spray Pal wanted to expand to other countries (everybody deserves to prevent poo-splatter, amiright?) there was a slight problem- toilet plumbing for diaper sprayers. We heard over and over that the differences in toilet connections made attaching a diaper sprayer difficult or completely impossible. While this is a bummer, take heart, there are a few ways to still spray your diapers in your bathroom and use a Spray Pal splatter shield.

Hack #1- Detachable Shower Head

In many cases, a detachable shower head can and will work as a diaper sprayer. As long as the shower head is close enough to the toilet and the cord is long enough you've got yourself a solution.

If you're looking to replace a single shower head with a detachable one we have some things to keep in mind before you buy. Adjustability is important, if you can't focus the spray there may not be enough water pressure for the shower to function as a diaper sprayer. Now let's address cord/hose length- choose the longest you can find. Lastly, a shower head with an on/off toggle or trigger is ideal, otherwise, you would have to juggle aiming the shower head over the toilet while you turn the faucet on.

We asked our fans if they use a showerhead and many said YES and with great success.

Hack #2- Sink Attached Sprayer

If your bathtub or shower are too far from the toilet or you'd rather not use the showerhead perhaps a sink attached sprayer will work instead! Our friends at QD Spray have created a sink attached sprayer that's completely temporary. The hose attached to the faucet and can be removed as needed- perfect for renters or anyone with a toilet that can't accommodate a diaper sprayer. The hose can even be ordered in various lengths to suit your needs. For now this brand isn't available in all countries but maybe with enough interest they can make it happen.

Of course, as you explore ways to make sure that you can effectively spray your cloth diapers clean without a diaper sprayer we hope you also add a Spray Pal splatter shield to your shopping cart. We have a feeling if you don't the first time around you may come back after testing your sprayer soon enough ;) 

If you have any tips or tricks to add feel free to share with us in the comments or post to our Facebook page!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Register for cloth diapers the EASY way!

Did you know that it's easy and fun to create a Baby Registry with Amazon?

If you are expecting and are working to build your cloth diaper stash using a registry can help jumpstart your journey. The start-up cost of cloth diapering can be hard to overcome so having help from family and friends can make it a little easier on your wallet.

Our Spray Pal and Cloth Diaper Sprayer Bundle and Spray Pal - Cloth Diaper Sprayer Splatter Shield with Storage Wetbag are the perfect addition to your baby registry. When the proverbial poop hits the fan once your baby begins eating solids you will be so relieved to have your sprayer and Spray Pal shield installed and at the ready. Cloth diapering parents call their Spray Pal splatter shield "A definite must for cloth diapering" and say "If you are going to do cloth diapers, this is a MUST BUY! This made cleaning out the diapers an absolute breeze." 

AND, we are super excited to announce our newest addition to our Amazon listings, a cloth diapering starter kit! This kit is the PERFECT shower gift for any family interested in using cloth but isn't sure where to begin. We make the starting part EASY! The kit includes 4 different styles of cloth diapers from some of the top brands in the industry so you can try them out and see which work best for you. No more buying a stash of all one brand only to find out that they don't work the best with your babe. You'll also get the accessory-necessities to make your cloth journey a success from the start!

We've heard many times that convincing family members to buy cloth diapers or accessories from their baby registry can be challenging. Here is a tip from a blog post titled Registering (and getting) cloth diapers from your registry"Keep your registry realistic and basic. By paring down to the essentials (does your baby really need that plush cotton robe and slippers or the decorative giant giraffe?) your guests will find it easier to shop for you and their eyes won’t glaze over..."  Our starter kit is the perfect solution!

If your friends and family are skeptical about your choice to use cloth, they may be hesitant to search out a specialty boutique to shop for the things you need to start your cloth journey off on the right foot. Luckily, Amazon is a quick and easy place for your friends and family to shop whether they're local to you or sending love from across the nation. Once you have your registry set up, you can use the clickable images below to add these cloth diapering items and others so that even the most skeptical friends can help support your choice. With the money you've saved, you can shop with your favorite cloth retailer to add to your stash once your shower is over! ;)

We'd love to hear from you. Were your friends and family supportive of your choice to use cloth diapers? Was your cloth registry successful for you? Comment below to let us know!