Monday, December 17, 2018

We've just sponsored an AMAZING FB event {Giveaway Alert}!!!

We are so excited to share an amazing event happening RIGHT NOW! Taylor's (makers of BALM! Baby and ELEVATED products) is throwing a 10 year anniversary party and Spray Pal is happy to be one of the 30+ giveaway sponsors! There are over $1K in prizes and a ton of fun. First, make sure to join the Balm Baby Ohana FB group to participate in the official party, then enter the giveaway below.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Great Inventions to make Cloth Diapering EASY! {GIVEAWAY}

Many of you already know that the Spray Pal splatter shield was invented by cloth diapering parents to make the task of spraying cloth diapers easy and mess-free. Well, recently I discovered a new brand in the cloth diapering world that was also invented to make your life easier, and who doesn't love EASY?! Meet the Bandie:

Here's the backstory on how this clever little invention came to be from Bandie inventor, Esther Morton:

"We cloth diapered our baby since she was 10 days old, using prefolds and flats covers, and used Snappis to fasten her diapers.

The Bandie hunt began when we started fiddling with lazy EC (elimination communication) and our baby started rolling all around during diaper changes when she was around 6 months old. We needed a solution to the fear and worry of poking her when taking off the diaper each time to use the potty and it was also becoming nearly impossible to properly fasten her diaper while having to wrestle her. I noticed there were only three mainstream ways people secure their baby's diaper: Snappis, pins, or Boingos, all of which have sharp and potentially dangerous parts. I had been a victim to Snappi injuries myself while trying to prevent our baby from getting scratched when putting her diaper both on and off. 

I call the Bandie the new school old school diaper fastener because diaper bands or diaper belts have been around for decades, but before bandies came along, not many people were using them as a way to fasten their diapers!
There were other methods tried and tested, but none were as effective, fast, easy, and worry-free as the Bandie with its soft and comfy elastic with aplix closure. Bandies are the “ouchless” alternative to securing your cloth diaper flats, prefolds, and snapless fitteds. I didn't need to worry about poking myself or my baby with a Snappi or pins anymore!
Also some flats and prefolds just don't take a Snappi well like receiving blanket flats and hemp blend prefolds, and some materials are prone to pin holes. A Bandie works with all materials and is even safe to go against the baby's skin, as it is made with non-fluorescent, non-abrasive materials. It's the only diaper fastener that you can fasten a padfold which was perfect for my busy and lazy days and our baby's super rollie days.
Pairing our flats and prefolds with a Bandie lessened the hassle and stress of potty time and changing time for us and I think it could also be great for potty training in the future!"

To celebrate all this amazing innovation in the cloth diapering world, and to give you a change to try out both of these amazing inventions to see how EASY they can make cloth diapers, we have teamed up for a giveaway!!

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