Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tips & Tricks to Make Cloth Diapering Easier

Cloth diapering can seem really intimidating when you're just getting started. Whose advice do you take? What do you really need? Here are a few tips & tricks to make cloth diapering easier!
1. A Diaper Sprayer & Spray Pal is an absolute must-have for any cloth diapering family. It takes the mess and yuck out of solid food diapers and comes in handy long after your diapering days are over. Just clip your diaper into the shield, spray at full blast with our super easy to install sprayer, and then drop into your pail liner or wetbag until laundry day. Spraying your diapers serves as a great pre-rinse and helps prevent stink and stains from building up in your diapers.

Fleece Liners are super soft and can not only help wick away moisture from baby's skin, but can make it even easier to clean solids. Especially if you have the Spray Pal set to spray them off! Plus they're super affordable, and you can even head to your local fabric store and cut up your own!

You can never have too many wet bags. Extra wet bags for around the house, in the car and even in the diaper bag can save the day!

4. If you're in a pinch, consider using Viva paper towels as disposable liners. And keep in mind that these are much more flushable than the disposable liners labeled "flushable". Those have been known to mess up plumbing and septic tanks when flushed, so if you use them, shake off as much as you can into the toilet (human waste shouldn't go to the landfill) and then toss the liner into the trash. Or avoid them altogether and spray instead! ;)

5. There is so much advice for washing cloth diapers that it can be head spinning. Our advice is to keep it simple! If a wash routine works for you, stick with it. The big wash routine groups you see on Facebook are meant for troubleshooting problems, so don't look in there and assume the worst. You can do it!

6. If you find a brand/style of cloth diapers you love, stick with it and only buy what you need. Try to avoid the Pokemon mentality. You don't "gotta catch 'em all!" ;) It helps to start with a few to test out on your baby and then invest in the styles/brands you love most. We made our Spray Pal Cloth Diapering Starter Kit for this very reason!

What would your top tip be for making cloth diapering easier?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Lalabye Baby & Spray Pal Make Cloth Mainstream Giveaway

Welcome to this week's Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway! We've teamed up with Lalabye Baby to offer you a fun prize package this week.

Have you met Lalabye Baby yet? They offer one-size diapers, diaper covers and adorably tiny newborn diapers all in awesome prints & colors. Oh, and did we mention they make accessories like wet/dry bags too? P.S. You can check out all the Lalabye Baby products carried by Spray Pal on our website.

Of course, you know (and love, right?) Spray Pal. As mentioned above, you can shop with us for cloth diapers, accessories & lots more in addition to our beloved splatter shield & diaper sprayer.

One winner will receive a great prize package which includes:

Winner's choice of solid color Lalabye Baby diaper
& Spray Pal splatter shield

Total prize value is approximately $45.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

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Friday, December 1, 2017

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Naturally-Minded Parent

Are you shopping for the "crunchy" mom or dad in your life and struggling with what yo get? We realize it can be hard to find gifts for the parent who feels they already have everything they need. And if she's anything like me, she probably offers no help in providing a wish list. Am I on the right track? ;) Well, we know it can be difficult to shop for that type of mom, so we've compiled a quick and easy list of items she may not have even realized she'd love!

Spray Pal's What to Do with the Poop Bundle is a must-have for any cloth diapering family. Even if they're just getting started with cloth, they will be glad to have it when they start baby on solid foods! The diaper sprayer comes in handy even after the kids have grown out of their diapers for any messy clean up you may encounter. Even personal hygiene! (Yes, I said it. Don't you judge.)

A Thirsties cloth diaper in one of their adorable prints is a welcome addition to any cloth diaper stash.

Babywearing is a lifesaver for any parent. Buy the mom you love a Lillebaby carrier so she can go about her day with her baby snuggled close with free hands to work on other things!

Not only is fractionated coconut oil great for baby's sensitive skin, but I've found it to be the absolute best remedy for dry, cracked winter skin now that we live in a state that actually gets cold in the winter. It's a life-saver and a definite staple for any crunchy household.

Osocozy prefolds not only make great diaper inserts, burp cloths, or added absorbency, but you can use them forever as shop rags or car drying towels! Any cloth diapering family would love to have a few extras on hand.
Ok, yes, this makes SIX gifts, but it deserved mentioning...because what parent doesn't love good coffee? The Portland Press Mason Jar French Press is made in the state of Oregon, out of materials sourced in the USA. It’s a simple, clean, practical design made out of fundamental materials: glass, wool, steel, wood. What's not to love?

Some links may include affiliate links which means we’ll make a small portion of the sale. All opinions are real and we only share things we love. We hope you love them as much as we do and thank you for your support!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Small Business Saturday and what it means to us.

Today is the day we celebrate all the movers and shakers who have committed themselves to running successful Small Business. Many (including our family) will head to their local small brick and mortar shops, and I do highly encourage that!! It's such a great feeling to shop and know that you're making a real impact on a family's livelihood versus hitting up the big box stores where a CEO and shareholders make a pretty penny on a weekend like this and don't pass that along to their hourly employees. I realize for some there aren't many small, local options available, but for those who CAN shop small this weekend (and all year round), I highly recommend it! And for those who don't have a local option, you can shop right here on and know that you're still supporting a small, family-run business with a product produced right here.

Here at Spray Pal, we are SO GRATEFUL to all of YOU for helping us succeed in the dream of running a successful small biz. As many of you know, Dave and I were both teaching when #minispraypal 1.0 joined our family and we started using cloth diapers. Then when 2.0 came along 3.5 months too prematurely, we knew our teaching careers wouldn't work with his medical needs and care schedule. It really was a miracle that Spray Pal took off at exactly the same time he needed us most, and now we are so fortunate to be able to run this business around our kids' schedules while providing the best products and customer service to all of you! And we definitely wouldn't be here without you, so to thank you for your support we have a day filled with giveaways, great deals, doorbusters and bonus points just for you!

USE CODE "DOORBUSTER" at the specific time listed to try claim the deal.  The deals will have limits so login early and shop fast! Code will stop working when all have been claimed. All times are in CENTRAL TIME.

10am: FREE Spray Pal shield with a Spray Pal Sprayer purchase. LIMITED TO FIRST 20 CUSTOMERS!

11am - 12pm: DOUBLE REWARD POINTS! Limited to first 25 customers.

12p - 1pm: FREE SURPRISE BONUS GIFT w/$50 purchase. Limited to first 10 customers.

1pm - 2pm: BUY ANY 4 CLOTH DIAPERS GET ONE FREE! Limited to first 10 customers. We will select the free diaper but you can put print requests/color preferences in order comments.
2pm - 3pm: Buy a Spray Pal get a FREE storage wetbag! Limit 10.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Spray Pal's 2017 Black Friday Sales, Deals & Freebies!

Are you ready to get the BEST DEALS OF THE YEAR from Spray Pal? If you're a planner like me, feel free to take advantage of this list of deals and map out what you'd like to buy. Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan. Sales are good Black Friday starting at midnight Eastern through Cyber Monday. Everything is WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. That includes stock on sale items as well as stackable freebies, so shop early! You'll notice that there are loads of fun choices for the stackable freebies. Feel free to put suggestions, requests, recommendations, clothing/diaper sizes, whatever you think will help guide us in packing your order in your order comments. If we don't hear from you we will just take our best guess with what you'd like.

20% off: Spray Pal individual products, Thirsties, Rumparooz, and GroVia
15% off: Spray Pal bundles, Lalabye Baby, Smart Bottoms, Funky Fluff, Bummis, Osocozy, Thistle Farms, LilyWrap
Cloth Diapering Starter Kit SUPER SALE: Save $10 on our already discounted kit AND receive a FREE BONUS cloth diaper!
MYSTERY BUNDLES ARE BACK!! You asked and we listened! This is truly one of the best ways to stock up on mystery fluff at a great price, and we do take requests in the order comments! If you're hoping for a Spray Pal diaper sprayer, be sure to order the $75 bundle. ;)
LOADS of bonus points will be awarded to orders throughout the weekend. Stay tuned to our social media outlets to see when/how you can get yours!

Stackable Freebies:
EVERY order receives a fun sweet treat and reward points!
Orders $25+ = sample of Allen's Naturally or Balm! Baby
Orders $50+ = cloth diaper keychain or organic prefold or lip balm
Orders $75+ = set of magnets or cloth advocacy t-shirt
Orders $100+ = free wetbag or diaper cover
Orders $125+ = free Spray Pal shield or cloth diaper
Start your shopping list and get ready to shop HERE!

GIVEAWAY PRIZES: Each day over the sale weekend we will be giving away hundreds of dollars worth of prizes. Once you've made a purchase you'll be automatically entered to WIN that day's prize! Each purchase will count as a new entry, so enter as many times as you'd like. Winners will be randomly chosen at midnight for that day's prize, and the giveaway will start fresh the next day with a new prize. Orders placed after midnight Eastern time will go toward the new prize. Orders placed on any given day will only have a chance to win that day's prize and will not carry over toward the next day's prize. But you can place another order to enter again on a new day!
Thursday: Win the "Getting Started" bundle! Includes a Spray Pal sprayer and shield with storage wetbag (value $89.95)
Black Friday: Win a reusable bag FULL of cloth diapers and accessories (value $100)
Small Business Saturday: 2 will win a Lilywrap reusable gift bag with a surprise gift inside (value approx. $50 each)
Sunday: Win a reusable bag FULL of cloth diapers and accessories (value $100)
Cyber Monday: 10 people will win FREE SHIPPING for a year! So basically it's like Amazon Prime for your cloth diapering needs. ;) (Value: Depends on how much you shop, so PRICELESS)

Giveaway winners:

Black Friday tote bag full of cloth diapering stuff: Janet A.
Small Business Saturday Lilywrap gifts: Lesleigh C. and Brittany P.
Sunday tote bag full of cloth diapering stuff: Samantha K.
Lalabye Baby I Love You a Latte: Lori A.
Smart Bottoms Doodle Me: Jaime S.
Cyber Monday free shipping for a YEAR!:
Amber P.
Jasey H.
Brittney D.
Dayna L.
Ashlee S.
Barbara Ann
Ashley B.
Kaitlin T.
Jennifer M.
Melissa N.

More fine print: Due to high sales volumes, orders placed throughout the weekend cannot be combined for any reason. Please be sure to double check your shipping address as we cannot make changes once the order has been placed.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Giveaway - We're Thankful for You! Enter to win a Getting Started Bundle

It's Thanksgiving, and we're thankful for you, so we have a great giveaway for you, to show our appreciation! We're really excited to share all the fun we'll be having this weekend after Thanksgiving ends and we switch gears to our HUGE Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales and giveaways! But we don't want the sales to overshadow the spirit of the season, and we couldn't be more THANKFUL for all of YOU!! In fact, this feeling of gratitude is what inspired us to start our brand new REWARD POINTS program so you can earn points for all those purchase you make on Stay tuned Friday for all the announcements, and enter below to WIN it before it goes on sale! We will announce the winner on Thursday so everyone else can score this life-changing bundle during our big sale!

One winner will receive a Spray Pal Getting Started Bundle which includes:
Spray Pal diaper sprayer
Spray Pal splatter shield
Jaq Jaq Bird Wet Bag
Total prize value is approximately $89.95.
Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Spray Pal Reward Points Program!

Well, Spray Pal fans? It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Now, thanks to modern technology and lots of blood, sweat, and tears (ok, maybe there wasn’t actual blood involved), we have FINALLY fulfilled your wildest dreams of earning reward points every time you shop with us! YESSSS!!!

We see you out there, savvy shoppers. We’re in the groups and forums with you, and we know what you want. The minute a new release is announced by a brand I can literally count down from ten, open my laptop, and wait for the first post like this to appear:

“OMG you guys this new print is AHHHHMAAAAAZING!!! I am going to need it in pockets and AIO. So, who’s your favorite retailer with the best reward points?”

And before today, I would cry a little inside every time I saw this post knowing that there was NO WAY that the best little cloth diaper website in the world (ahem, would get mentioned because it just wasn’t possible. We didn’t have a loyalty program set up. BUT NO MORE!! Never again will a tiny tear trace the line of my slightly wrinkled and puffy under-eye bags because NOW my friends you CAN recommend Spray Pal as the most awesome place every to shop and earn reward points!!

Here’s how it works: Once you are a customer with us you are automatically enrolled. Every dollar spent on products from our website earns you a point. Once you have 100 points accumulated, you can redeem them for $10 in store credit. That’s basically 10% back on all your purchases! Pretty amazing, right?

You can check out all the terms and conditions HERE and once you’ve determined that this is IN FACT the most awesome place to buy cloth diapers and accessories, you can shop HERE.
What’s that you say? Ohhhh, stop. We know you love us. You don’t have to thank us profusely like that. We understand this is an emotional moment, so take a minute if you need to compose yourself. We really just love you guys so much and we want to thank you for being the best customers out there, so really, you’ve earned this. ;)

Monday, November 13, 2017

Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway - Geffen Baby, Project Pomona & Spray Pal

Welcome to our Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway! We've teamed up with some great brands to bring you a fun giveaway this week.

Geffen Baby's super soft and absorbent hemp cloth diapers & accessories are made in the USA. From inserts to wipes, they'll make a great addition to your stash.

Project Pomona Pants are made with cloth diapers in mind. Their adjustable snap system allows them to fit over any diaper and their cuffs adjust the inseam length as your baby grows. You'll get months and months of wear out of a single pair!

Spray Pal's smart cloth diapering accessories make cleaning dirty diapers a snap. Once you have a Spray Pal, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

One winner will receive a fabulous prize package including:

Spray Pal sprayer & splatter shield bundle
Geffen Baby hemp prefold of choice
Project Pomona "Bots & Bolts" or any other in-stock Pomonoas

Total prize value is approximately $120.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

4 Creative Ways to Store Your Spray Pal Splatter Shield

If you have a Spray Pal Splatter Shield, we know you love it, but where do you store it? One of our suggestions is to store it in a wet bag and hang from the doorknob, but we also want to share these clever storage solutions from our customers!

In a Smart Bottoms On The Go Wetbag! It fits perfectly! - Trisha L.

We have zero room on the walls or next to the toilet. Creative husband = solution! - Hannah D

I drilled a hole in mine so I could hang it up! The Command hook is perfect for this. - Meghan R.

After we clean it, in the tub/shower. - Courtnay H.

How do you store your Spray Pal Splatter Shield?

Friday, September 22, 2017

Our last Event and HUGE Giveaway of the Year with $300+ of Prizes

It's been a full year of cloth diapering events this year and this weekend will be our tenth and final in person baby expo! Spray Pal and the #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be attending BabyFest Seattle and hoping to win over parents to the cloth side!

If you're in the area we hope to see you there, but even if you aren't you can still get in on our last amazing giveaway package of the year!

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $300+ in goodies from OsoCozy Cloth DiapersBambino Mio,  Geffen BabyBummisThirstiesProject Pomona Allen's Naturally, and Spray Pal. 

Prize package including: Thirsties NAIO, $40 GC to Project Pomona, Spray Pal Shield and Sprayer bundle, Osocozy Organic Prefolds (6 pack), Bummis AIO, Geffen Baby Absorbers and prefolds, two bambino Mio AIO,  a Lalabye All In One, and an Allen's Naturally prize package that includes: 1 Gallon of Liquid Laundry Detergent w/ 1 Quart of Stink Out! and two pumps.

If you're dying to get your hands on the new I Love You A Latte print (a Spray Pal Exclusive) and you're local be sure to find us at Blossom Baby on Sunday for a special Cloth+Coffee meet up with Jen! 

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Cloth Diapering 101 Series: Starting Solids

We are back after a long break between videos but this episode is one we are definitely experts on: SOLIDS! Specifically, how do you deal with the poop once your baby starts eating solids?

In Episode 4 of our cloth diapering 101 series we go into detail about methods to handle the poop. Of course, we recommend using a Spray Pal diaper sprayer and Splatter Shield.

You can find several great deals on Spray Pal sprayer+shield bundles to make your transition to solids easier.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Don't miss this! A Cloth Diaper Package Giveaway and St. Louis IRL

We have been having a whirlwind summer but the kids are now back in school, Dani turned 7 and had a wonderful birthday, and tomorrow I'll be back on the road heading to St. Louis for Prego Expo!

Get your tickets to Prego Expo St. Louis

I'll be bringing loads of cloth diapers and accessories from our #MakeClothMainstream IRL sponsors and educating cloth curious families at our booth. At each event you get the chance to see cloth diapers in person, ask questions, and hopefully leave ready to make the switch!

In St. Louis you can see our goodies but if you aren't local don't worry! We have a prize from each of our sponsors that you can enter to win. It's over $300 in prizes- not bad!

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $300+ in goodies from Kanga Care - RumparoozOsoCozy Cloth DiapersBambino Mio,  BummisThirstiesProject Pomona Allen's Naturally, and Spray Pal. 

Prize package including: Thirsties NAIO, $40 GC to Project Pomona, Spray Pal Shield and Sprayer bundle, Osocozy Organic Prefolds (6 pack), Bummis AIO, Rumparooz G2 One Size and Pail Liner, two bambino Mio AIO,  and an Allen's Naturally prize package that includes: 1 Gallon of Liquid Laundry Detergent w/ 1 Quart of Stink Out! and two pumps.

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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Spray Pal's Labor Day SALE!

We are so excited to be offering one of our once in a blue moon sales this Labor Day Weekend! We've rounded up all the details right here in this blog post from what's on sale to what code you'll need to unlock those savings. Thanks for being such an amazing supporter of our small, family-run business. We appreciate you and hope that you'll be able to take advantage of these savings while they last!

  • The sale will run through Monday, Sept 4th (Labor Day) and is valid on items we have in stock, so shop early and quickly if you've been eyeing a particular print! 
  • We will ship orders starting on Tuesday so that we can enjoy time with our family this holiday weekend. Which means, if you decide you need something else at the last minute, you can email us at and we should be able to combine your orders as long as we hear from you by Monday at the latest.
  • Pricing on our website is standard MSRP based on each brand's requirements. If a price looks wrong, try adding it to your cart. It should adjust to the correct price. The sale discount will be applied after you enter the discount code: LABORDAY17
  • Certain brand exclusions do apply to this discount. Here's a complete list of what IS on sale:
    • All Spray Pal products, including bundles.
    • Cloth Diapering Starter Kit
    • All KangaCare products
    • Spray Pal's Thirsties exclusive print Summer Lovin' in snap NAIO and wetbags
    • Smart Bottoms Dream Diapers (35% off!!!)
    • JaqJaqBird Wetbags
    • Lilywrap reusable gift bags
    • Thistle Farms products
    • Cloth Diaper Advocacy T-shirts
Thanks again for being the best customers out there! Please let us know if you have any questions. You can email us at or send us a message on our Facebook page. Just allow us a little time in responding as we are celebrating Mini Spray Pal 1.0's birthday this weekend! (Yes, I had her on LABOR Day, LOL) We hope you have an amazing holiday weekend!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Cloth Diaper Mega Package Giveaway ($300 in Prizes)

We love teaching new parents about the benefits of using cloth diapers which is why this year we've been on the #MakeClothMainstream IRL tour visiting cities all across the country. At these events we have the honor of bringing people over to the "cloth side" thanks in part to the wonderful example products we have with us in each city provided by sponsors.

Get tickets for Prego Expo Tampa 8/27 by going here: Prego Expo Tampa

We are bringing our booth to the wonderful event Prego Expo in Tampa this weekend on August 27! If you're local we invite you to come by, chat us up, and bring a cloth curious friend or five! Not only will we have all the tools you need to see how cloth works but we have an amazing giveaway you can enter. If you're not local don't worry, it's open to our friends at home, too.

Thanks to our sponsors Thirsties, Kanga Care, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Spray Pal, Bambino Mio, AppleCheeks, and Osocozy we can make this all possible! We also have coupon codes to hand out during the event to make getting started a little easier on the wallet.

The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $300+ in goodies from Kanga Care - RumparoozOsoCozy Cloth Diapers, Bambino Mio, AppleCheeksThirstiesProject Pomona Allen's Naturally, and Spray Pal. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Epic Mom & Baby Giveaway for World Breastfeeding Week

We're so excited to be included in this "Epic" giveaway, hosted by Sarah Wells Bags in honor of World Breastfeeding week, which is August 1-7 2017.
There are $3000+ in prizes, which will go to three lucky winners in prize bundles valued at more than $1200 each.
Enter each bundle's Rafflecopter below, and be sure to join us Thursday, August 3rd at 9 PM for a Facebook Live Party, hosted by Sarah Wells of Sarah Wells Bags.
Enter to win using the Rafflecopter forms below. By entering, you give permission for each brand to email you once with a discount offer or promotional code following the giveaway. Sponsors have been instructed not to send additional emails without your further opt-in permission.
You may enter all prize bundle giveaways, but are only eligible to win once. Prizes will be shipped to domestic U.S. shipping addresses only. Complete rules and regulations can be found on each Rafflecopter entry form.
Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, July 29, 2017

8 Cloth Diaper Mishaps & Near Misses (Why You Can Never Have Too Many Wet Bags!)

Ok, guys. Be honest. Has this ever happened to you? 

This one time we took mini Spray Pal 1.0 camping in cloth diapers (this was way back, before 2.0 was even a twinkle in my eye). I had actually just started using cloth, and I wasn't the expert I am today. My big mistake that trip was I didn't bring enough wetbags or pail liners to last the toward the end of the trip when I was looking for something waterproof to store her dirty diapers, I thought I'd just use some plastic grocery bags we had brought along to recycle as dog poop bags/trash bags. 


Those of you who have been following us for a while know that my husband is the big cleaner of the family. Constantly cleaning, that guy is. He's honestly TOO efficient. 

Well, you may have guessed it by now, but let's just say those grocery bags full of my precious cloth diapers never made it home with us and I was so sad about it. In one of his cleaning frenzies at the campsite, he (understandably) assumed they were full of trash or dog poop and tossed them out. 
Thus began my extensive collection of wetbags and pail liners. You can never have too many, I say! 

We asked if any of you have had a loved one throw a cloth diaper away and some of these stories made us want to cry for you, some made us sigh with relief and a few made us scratch our heads!

I'm still sad about it- it was the Thirsties NAIO exclusive from Kelly's Closet; the one with the kites. I loved that diaper so much. Nope- it's gone.  I actually think my 6 year old threw that grocery bag away when I asked her to help me. Blahhh. My fault. Still sad. Lol -Amanda C.
Out of habit I once threw a cloth diaper in the trash can at a restaurant but luckily I remembered pretty quickly and saved it. I definitely need to invest in a second going out wetbag. It seems like with two in cloth now it's always being washed and not available when needed. Or we are gone for too long in a day and between the two of them I need another bag. -Halee B.
My husband threw one out while I was at work one day. And I lost a really cute one... No clue where! Probably in the great land of lost things right next to 4yo newish sneakers! -Amy T.
I'm not sure what has happened to them, but I have at least ten missing diapers. I'm not sure if I've packed them in a bag to take somewhere and misplaced the bag or if I've lost them here and there over the last year and a half. I just know that my diaper stash is at least ten short from what I've bought. It's pretty sad. -Rachael R.
I just lost a pail liner, small wet bag, and at least one cover. Flew off my balcony while drying and I didn't notice some were missing in the newborn stupor. I got clothes pins and now anchor everything on the line dryer since it's often windy where we live. -Martha S.
We somehow lost a Blackberry GroVia shell and insert. I have no idea if I left it somewhere, if daycare gave it to someone else/threw it out, or what.  All wet bags have been accounted for. -Julie C.
Lost a clean wet bag in my own house for an entire year. Cried over it more than once. My dad found it after we moved. I felt really dumb as it had gotten stuck under the changing pad on the changing table.... -Kelly D.
Yes, my husband bagged up a limited edition Grovia my son pooped in and tossed it by accident and realized two days later! Yuck, I had a terrible time getting the stink out after we picked it out of the garbage. -Kelly H.
Have you ever had a cloth diaper go missing?

Friday, July 21, 2017

Thirsties Products on Sale for a Limited Time! 
It's so hard to believe that the kids here in Tennessee go back to school at the very beginning of August! We're taking advantage of these last few precious days of summer by packing up our trailer and hitting the road for some camping. Since we'll be away from Spray Pal HQ, we won't be able to ship out any website orders until Monday, July 31st. But don't worry, you can still get all of our great Spray Pal products from our amazing retailers!

To help you pass the time while we're away (because we know how hard it can be to wait for those fluff mail deliveries), we'll be running a sale on ALL Thirsties products while we're gone. So take your time, search the site for all the fun things you've been wanting to try from Thirsties, and we will automatically take off 15% when you check out! This is a great time to stock up on the NAIOs (Natural All in Ones) or any other style of cloth diapers you may need. Is your cloth diaper stash already feeling complete? How about one of their brand new (and adorable) reusable swim diapers!

We promise to ship everything as soon as we get back home so you won't have to wait too long. This discount will also automatically apply to the EVERYTHING YOU NEED BUNDLE and the CLOTH DIAPERING STARTER KIT since they include Thirsties products, and the discount disappears once we start shipping orders out next weekend.

Oh, and the best part? If you place your order tonight or first thing tomorrow morning, it will ship out before we leave so you won't even have to wait to enjoy your fluff mail! Happy shopping and we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

Jen and the Spray Pal Family


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mystery Bundles are BACK!

For a very limited time, we've brought back our very popular Mystery Bundles!! If you've ever bought one of our bundles in the past, then you know these are super fun, super mysterious, and super sought after! And such a great way to add to your cloth diapers stash. So make sure you get your Mystery Bundle order in before they're gone! Plus, earn reward points on top of your savings!

What makes these super fun?

Well, they're a great way to bulk up your cloth diaper stash and try new brands you've been curios about. Trying new fluff is always fun!! But maybe you're one of those fluffy moms who only likes a certain brand for your baby. Well, this will be fun for you, too! Put in your order comments whatever you want us to know and we will do our best to accommodate! An example: "We only use ________ and I already have _______ print but I'd love anything girly!" What a fun surprise to get some new colors and prints in a brand you love, right?? ;)

Mysterious you say? Why all the mystery? What's so fun about that?

I'm so glad you asked! Every so often we get into a bind where we need to make room to stock NEW and exciting items (ahem...exclusives), but it's not the typical time of year where we can offer a big sale. You'll find the big sales typically run around Black Friday and Earth Day. Well, we need the space now! So we can offer a limited number of mystery bundles specially curated for you (but...though we do take your requests strongly into consideration, we cannot guarantee you'll get exactly what you ask for because it will be limited to the stock we have on hand...which is a MYSTERY!!!) and this way we aren't breaking any brands' rules by running sales.

So when you say "sought after" what exactly are we talking here?

When we have done them in the past they have completely sold out, and once our stock runs out we don't know when we'll be able to offer them again. We pack them in the order that they are received, so those who order right away are more likely to get more of their wishes granted. But you don't want to take the chance on missing out, these are always such a great deal and we love seeing all of your fluff mail photos after!!
Some last minute tips and tricks: If you are hoping for a Spray Pal diaper sprayer, you'll definitely want to go for the $75 mystery bundle and mention it in your order comments. You can also include requests for cloth diapers with it because you'll obviously get more than just a sprayer. But the $75 bundle is the only one that might include a sprayer in it. If you're hoping for a Spray Pal shield, you can choose either bundle and put it in your comments along with other wishes/requests. Also, your wishes don't have to be just about cloth diapers...if you're needing pail liners, wetbags, or cloth wipes, newborn diapers, prefolds/covers just mention that! We have a lot to offer and we need to make a lot of space, so nothing is off limits for requests (just remember we cannot guarantee you'll get EXACTLY what you wish for, but we will try)!! Happy shopping!

Here's the link to shop. If it's live and you can add a bundle to your card, you're good to go!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spray Pal Demo with Calgary Cloth

In case you missed it we did a LIVE Facebook with Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (one of our awesome Canadian retailers) to show fans and customers how to use their Spray Pal Sprayer and Splatter Shield.

In this video we cover how to spray AppleCheeks (of course, this is a Canadian store and we love AC!), prefolds, and even trainers!

We hope this video answers your questions on using the Spray Pal, be sure to follow our own Facebook page for notifications for the next time we go live. Our live demos are a great time to ask questions and get them answered on VIDEO right away! We do live videos on our own page and also on retailer pages, all of which will be announced through our own page. Plus they tend to have a giveaway with them ;)

Monday, July 10, 2017

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Baby

UPDATE for July 11: The Spray Pal sprayer and shield bundle SOLD OUT in under 30 minutes and the waitlist filled up completely! So amazing to watch cloth diapers become mainstream on Prime Day. Good news if you missed it, the Spray Pal shield on it's own is up next for a deal starting at 10:20am central time. Make sure you grab yours quickly if you have been wanting one! You can go find it now under the "Baby" category and click "watch this deal" if you have the app, and Amazon will send you a notification 5 minutes before it goes live.

This morning I just scored new shoes for school! The Prime Day Deal takes an extra 30% off when you check out, so that was awesome! Here's what mini SP 2.0 will be rocking to kinder next month:

Something else that caught my eye but isn't necessarily baby related...the 23andMe DNA Test - Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service - 75+ Online Reports. Has anyone tried this before? At 50% off it seems like a great deal, and I've always been curious of my genetic makeup since my dad was adopted. Worth the splurge on Prime Day??

Last update for me...I still haven't jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon, and every year at this time I feel like everyone is telling me I need one. We use Hello Fresh for much of our cooking, so I'm not sure it would fit in with our schedule, but maybe I'm wrong. Do you use an Instant Pot? Do you love it? I could see it coming in handy for cooking quinoa or dry beans for mini Spray Pal 2.0's blended diet, but we do it on the stove now and it works out fine. Is it worth the counter space real estate?

July 10, 2017 - I know in the past, Amazon's Prime Day 2017 - 30 Hours of Deals has seemed like much ado about nothing. The prices were decent, but the products were typically things nobody really needed. Well, it looks like Amazon upped their game this year. I just took a peek at what's on the list for upcoming prime deals in the baby category, and I was pleasantly surprised to see TONS of brands I actually would have used and often recommend to new or expecting families. Here's a list of my standouts. Please be aware that this is not a comprehensive list because I can only see the things that are coming up tonight, but if this list is any indication of what's in store for tomorrow, I think parents are going to be stoked to stock up on these deals!

1. Evenflo Car Seats for various stages. I wish I could see what the deal was, but a safe car seat is definitely a must have on any baby list! The stainless steel cups and glass storage containers that happened to make it into the screen shot are great items to have on hand as well.
Car seats and safe food storage? Yes, please!
2. So many favorites on this screen shot. EZPZ is obviously adored by so many parents to help make mealtime less messy, and we here at Spray Pal couldn't agree more that less mess is best! ;) Joovy is another great brand if you're looking for a nice set of bottles. And honestly we could never have enough muslin blankets. We still have a few around for the kids to this day!

3. We may be a bit partial to this one, but HELLO?!?! Awesome deal on a Spray Pal sprayer and shield bundle?? You won't want to miss this!! Plus, look at all those other baby items you may want/ need. A good swing was a definite must for us!
Yes, yes, YES!! Spray Pal FTW!
PS - if you're just getting started with cloth diapers, you may want to take advantage of this deal on our starter kit. It's not technically a Prime Day deal, but it is on sale and this price will only last as long as Prime Day does!

4. Well, ok, this isn't great for the baby stage...but you better believe I'll be stocking up on these for the kids' lunch boxes this year! LOVE this color! EDIT for July 11: Soooo, this actual color didn't go on sale, but I still scored an orange and blue one for mini Spray Pal 2.0's lunch box!

5. Baby carriers! Life with a baby is SO much easier with a good baby carrier, and we saw PLENTY of great ones scheduled to come up as a Prime Day deal. A few to stalk: SIX-Position, 360° Ergonomic Baby & Child Carrier by LILLEbaby - The COMPLETE All Seasons (Stone), BABYBJORN Baby Carrier One, CuddleBug Grey Baby Wrap  

6, Finally, the ever popular Ju Ju Be will be featured! They had more than this product listed, but I took a screen shot of the paci-pod because I know it works great not just for pacis, but for those ladies who use a reusable menstrual cup! Speaking of...I wonder if those will be on sale, too? Hmmm...

What are you hoping to score for baby this Prime Day? If you don't have Amazon Prime yet, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial here, just in time for Prime Day: Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial