Monday, October 5, 2015

Find The “Perfect” Diaper

Let me introduce myself. I am Becky, stay at home mom of a 5 year old and an 18 month old. My first experience with cloth diapering was when my mom cloth diapered me as a baby, and chances are, if you were born in the early 80’s like me, you were cloth diapered too. My mom said back then disposables were expensive. I think they are now too.

Fast forward to May of 2014. I was at a birthday party of one of my bestie’s kids. She started showing me her stash of cloth diapers and they were beautiful! I happened to have a new baby. I know, convenient right? I promptly went home and began my research.

Wow! Things like pockets, all in ones, flats, covers… microfiber inserts, bamboo inserts… Just when you have that figured out you need to decide snaps or hook & loop. How did I find the perfect diaper? Well, I have found it is a lot like bra shopping. Babies, like breasts, come in all shapes and sizes. I asked on my crunchy Facebook groups which diaper was best. There were so many answers. Unlike bra manufacturers that claim they make the perfect bra I have found manufactures in the cloth diapering world to be more truthful.

You see, the perfect diaper is the one that works with your lifestyle. The perfect diaper is the one that fits your baby best. There is no one diaper. No Holy Grail of diapers so don’t worry when you don’t find it.

My advice to you is simple. Don’t spend all of your pennies on one type or brand of diaper. Buy a few different brands and styles. Try them out.  See what you like.

I found that pockets work best for us. Lalabye Baby is the diaper I use when we are out and about because my little won’t soak out of them. At home we use Funky Fluff because they are narrow in the crotch and my baby is skinny. We use GroVia all in ones and hybrids. The GroVia all in ones are fabulous under a pair of jeggings! I have a few Bum Genius because the prints were just too stinkin’ cute.

I like snaps over hook & loop. I don’t care for microfiber inserts. (They sure are great for washing the car though!) And I love natural fiber inserts.

If you want to review all of the diapers in one place and not hunt around on the internet like I had to Dirty Diaper Laundry put together a cloth diaper finder, and it is pretty darn amazing!

Most importantly, don’t stress. Don’t feel like you need to defend or justify your “perfect” diaper. I won’t judge and neither should anyone else! I am just happy that you have chosen to dive into the world of cloth diapering.

Here are the diapers I listed above.

Top: Lalabye Baby, Funky Fluff, Grovia all in one, Grovia hybrid (hook & loop)
Bottom: Bum Genius

This article been generously contributed by Becky Skidmore, a member of Spray Pal's Team Mainstream!