Friday, June 8, 2018

Spray Pal Exclusive Thirsties Print - Good Fortune

We're pleased to announce the latest Spray Pal Exclusive - Good Fortune from Thirsties.
Available with blue or plum trim and all your favorite styles, Good Fortune has special meaning to the Spray Pal family. Jen's Grandpa (who is 92 years old) emailed her every night after her son was born at only 25 weeks. Whether words of wisdom, good thoughts or prayers, the nightly emails continued the entire 7 months Mini Spray Pal 2.0 was in the NICU, and continue to this day over 6 years later!
Jen and her family look forward to those emails every night. Parenting can be hard, and those positive words of encouragement can make a huge difference right when you need them. We knew this was very personal to the Spray Pal family, and we wanted to tie the cloth community in somehow. So we asked you to share YOUR words of wisdom for new parents in THIS Facebook post, and it's your words of wisdom that are on this print's fortunes! The cloth diapering community is so supportive and we love both the print, and the symbolic way we incorporated each of you in the design. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Friday, June 1, 2018

$500+ Prego Expo Denver Cloth Diaper Giveaway

We're thrilled to be teaching new parents about the benefits of cloth diapers during our #MakeClothMainstream IRL tour! We'll be at events all over the country with some great products from our fantastic sponsors, and our next event is The Prego Expo Denver on June 3rd.

Get tickets for Prego Expo Denver 6/3 by going here: Prego Expo Denver

Our #MakeClothMainstream IRL booth will be at The Prego Expo in Denver this weekend on June 3rd! If you're local we invite you to come by, chat us up, and bring a cloth curious friend or five! Not only will we have all the tools you need to see how cloth works but we have an amazing giveaway you can enter. We'll also have some free samples you can try out at home!
If you're not local don't worry, our giveaway is open to our friends at home, too. Thanks to our sponsors Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Spray Pal, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, and Osocozy we can make this all possible!
The #MakeClothMainstream IRL Giveaway Prize Package with $500+ in goodies from Thirsties, Kanga Care - Rumparooz, Allen's Naturally, Project Pomona, Best Bottom Diapers, Planet Wise, Balm Baby, Tots Bots, Sloomb, Spray Pal, and Osocozy.
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