Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Project Pomona Pants - The Perfect Pants for Cloth Diapered Babies

If your baby has an itty bitty booty, you may find that cloth diapers help hold their pants up! If not, you may be struggling to find pants that work well with that oh-so-adorable fluffy bottom. No worries, #MakeClothMainstream IRL sponsor Project Pomona has you covered!

Project Pomona's jeans & shorts (a.k.a. Pomonas) are designed to play nice with cloth and make cloth diapering easier. The snap waist system makes diaper changes simple and allows one size to fit as baby grows. Add in the adorable accented cuffs and you'll find yourself using the same size for months and months! Be sure to come visit us at one of our 8 booths across the USA (including the Prego Expo Orlando) this year so you can check out these awesome clothes for yourself.

Check out what some Pomona users had to say:

I love that they can grow with your toddler. Extra points for being adorable. -Courtnay H.
"The best pants! They fit so well and last forever." -Emily A.
fluffthefourth: We use them,love them. Game changer #pomonalove

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kacildanielsL Absolutely loved them! Our little guy is petite, so adjustable waists that also account for a fluffy bum = pants he wore for a YEAR. Oh, and those cuffs 😍

Have you found the Project Pomona Love?

Friday, January 26, 2018

Earn FREE shipping on spray-pal.com for all of 2018!

EARN free shipping on spray-pal.com for all of 2018 when you place 5 orders!
Running a small business isn't easy, as so many of you realize. We wish we could offer 100% free shipping all the time, but when we run the numbers, especially with the most recent USPS rate hike, we just can't afford it. BUT, we've come up with a solution that we think you'll LOVE! Just place 5 orders with us in 2018 and you'll earn yourself FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the year! Think of it as a "Prime" membership for all of your cloth diapering needs!

We so love and appreciate the support you give our small, family-run business, and this is our way of saying thank you and giving you something back. With so many brands and products from cloth diapers and accessories to gifts, you'll love ordering whatever you want whenever you want and having it ship to you FAST and FREE! Plus, we have lots of great new exclusives coming out this year so you might want to start planning ahead!

This system should be nice and easy to maintain because our website already keeps track of your orders when it gives you your reward points. So just check under "My Account" and once you've reached 5 orders shoot us an email and let us know and we'll send you a code for FREE SHIPPING for the rest of the year!

So, to recap: When you shop small with Spray Pal, you'll get 10% back in reward points, you'll earn FREE shipping after 5 orders, and you'll be able to join our exclusive customer Facebook group with first access to fun deals, giveaways, and exclusives!!

Monday, January 22, 2018

DIY Spray Pal ideas (and why it's better to just buy the real deal)

There are several tutorials for making your own DIY Spray Pal splatter shield, and yes, we've seen them all.

So, why would we compile a list of DIY knock offs of our own patented product?? Well, like we've always said, we're here to make your cloth diapering journey easier. We want you to succeed in cloth with whatever means works best for you and your family.

But we do want to offer this warning: while some things work great when you DIY them (like a diaper sprayer for example), the Spray Pal shield is not necessarily one of them. I can't tell you how many times we've heard from people who come visit us at our baby show booths or email us to tell us that they tried a DIY version and it was a big fat fail, and they wished they had just bought the original and saved time and money. So, here's a list of the most common DIY Spray Pals and why you might want to avoid them. ;)

1. The folders, duct tape, and bag clips version. At first glance this seems like a nice, cheap way to make a Spray Pal shield that opens as wide as the original, so why not? Let's take a closer look. While you do have the advantage of choosing a folder in a color scheme that matches your bathroom, the "pros" stop there. You'll notice that the opening of this shield is taped together with duct tape. This is a problem for a number of reasons, including, but not limited to: 1) it's permanently shut so you can't close the doors to squeeze out the excess water. 2) That duct tape is about to see more poop splatter than it's meant to handle, which is none. It's meant to handle exactly zero poop. Imagine trying to clean that off after you spray your messiest diaper. 3) With all that splatter and cleaning comes WATER...and duct tape and water do not mix. From what we hear from those who have tried this, after a couple of uses that duct tape becomes super gummy and sticky and you don't want that mess near your diapers, do you? Especially when the real Spray Pal will last you years and through multiple kids in cloth diapers and beyond and it's designed to be SUPER easy to clean!

2. The milk carton and clothespins version. You may be thinking, "Hey now! I happen to have a giant milk jug and some clothes pins laying around, why not give this a shot?" Well, sure! Go for it! We're sure you'll be back to buy the real deal, which is actually probably why Diaper Junction, who happens to be a trusted Spray Pal retailer, created this DIY blog post in the first place. It probably helps them sell the real deal!!

By the time you finish cutting off all the ends of the milk jug (please be careful and watch out for sharp/rough edges), you'll realize you'll wish you'd have just clicked "buy now" and had the real deal delivered to your door. Mainly because once you actually try using this as a shield, you'll find all that cutting was a waste of time. Unless of course you're still in the newborn stage and you've decided you want to spray those diapers, because those are the only thing that will fit inside this. Just take a look at the size ratio compared to the hand in the photo. Unless that's a GIANT hand, which I'm thinking it's not, then that's a TINY shield. Plus, where do you put something like that when you're not using it? In the recycle bin, if you're asking me. ;)

3. The "cut the bottom out of a trash can" version. This is the version I see most mentioned in the Facebook groups when people ask about a Spray Pal DIY. It's quite funny. "Oh, yeah, it's super easy! For a couple bucks I buy a cheap trash can and I just cut the bottom off and voila!" Guys. Have you ever tried to cut the bottom off a trash can? It is HARD. What even is that tool she's using in box 1? Do you have one of those?? If so, by all means, try this out. But just be careful when you have house guests over that you find a place to hide this thing because you don't want used tissues tossed into the trash can with no bottom, am I right? You can only assume that by storing an actual trash can with the bottom cut out next to your toilet, you're going to get some very confused looks from your visitors and probably end up with an entirely different mess to clean up. ;) We designed the Spray Pal to fold up flat for super easy storage and to avoid this type of confusion. Just slip it in a wetbag and tuck it away!

4. The REAL deal Spray Pal. Now, for those of you who have tried one of the DIYs above, or better yet, those who were thinking about it but have decided it might not be worth the effort, I give you the list of reasons why the real deal, original Spray Pal splatter shield is worth it's weight in gold.
  • The Spray Pal prototype created in 2011. It has seen much testing, many tweaks, and has lots of user experience feedback to make it the best splatter shield on the market.
  • Spray Pal Splatter Shields are made out of more than 50% post-consumer recycled plastic.
  • It's perfectly sized to allow space for easy spraying.
  • The custom-made, sturdy clip won't let you accidentally drop the diaper in the toilet and the clip won't slip off.
  • You won't experience rusting, warping or sticky duct tape.
  • You can use it to squeeze the wet diaper.
  • It folds flat for easy storage (see photo below).
  • It's lightweight.
  • Quick & easy to clean.
  • You receive customer support not only with Spray Pal but with cloth diapers in general via phone, email, social media, and even Spray Pal's Team Mainstream Facebook group
    or The Cloth Diaper Experiment group.
  • Your Spray Pal comes with an amazing warranty, just email us with any issues!
  • Spray Pal splatter shields are made/assembled in the USA (the custom-designed clips are imported through a USA company)
  • When you purchase a Spray Pal, you're supporting a family run business.
  • For the cost of a week's worth of Starbucks lattes, you can purchase the real deal and get years of use out of it. Even after your babies are out of cloth diapers you can continue to use the Spray Pal system to pre-rinse ANYTHING from muddy sports clothes to bed linens that face tummy bugs, potty learning accidents, the list goes on!

So there you have it. Some of the most common DIY Spray Pal splatter shields, and why we think it's better to just buy the real deal! Have you tried a DIY or the real deal? Let us know how it went in the comments below!

Lemons and Confetti, Blossom Baby, & Spray Pal Make Cloth Mainstream Giveaway

Welcome to this week's Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway! We've teamed up with Lemons and Confetti & Blossom Baby for an amazing package for any mom. The ladies behind these three great companies have been in groups with women who have supported each other through the highs and lows of motherhood and have grown into lifelong friends.
Lemons and Confetti has a wide range of gifts both to celebrate new moms, and to comfort women who are dealing with infertility or loss.
Blossom Baby is a boutique in Silverdale, WA that's a safe space for everyone. Offering products for mom, baby and home, including cloth diapers and babywearing, they also offer cloth diaper rentals, car seat fitting, babywearing consultations and more.
Of course Spray Pal is your tool to keep your cloth diapers clean and your bathroom splatter-free.

From Jen at Spray Pal: "While I wasn't a part of the exact same village as Laura from Lemons and Confetti and Lori from Blossom Baby, I've got my own similar group of women from a miscarriage and loss board on The Bump. Nearly 8 years ago I joined this village of around 100 women and we've been in close contact ever since, supporting each other through the highs and lows of motherhood, loss, and life in general. When I saw the gift boxes that Laura puts together through Lemons and Confetti, I knew we'd have to collaborate on something great to give back to these villages we all belong to. It's a sad fact that so many of these virtual villages exist across the interwebs, but the truth is that 1 in 4 women will experience infertility or loss and it's not something easily discussed in the "real world." I know personally, I wouldn't have made it through those dark times without these women to lean on. This prize package will focus more on new parents, but I'm so glad we can help get the word out that Lemons and Confetti exists and carries a wonderful assortment of supportive gift boxes of moms who are experiencing the most devastating of losses put together by someone who has been there."

One winner will receive a great prize package:
Lemons & Confetti
This gift box is meant to serves as a survival kit to a new mom, helping to make her transition a smooth one! Gift box includes:
-Coffee mug from Emily McDowell Studios, to provide a source of encouragement and caffeine.
-Dream balm from Wild Origins, to help with those sleepless nights.
-Dry shampoo from Twinkle Apothecary because, duh, showering is hard with a newborn.
-Nipple Balm from Wild Botanicals. ‘Nuff Said.
-Chocolate dipped pretzel rods from Fatty Sundays. Because, snacks.

Blossom Baby
-Logan + Lenora Blush Stripe Wristlet Clutch - Carry around all of your necessities in this stylish clutch that doubles as a wetbag, makeup bag, or is perfect for any personal care items with it's waterproof lining and easy to care for stain-proof, machine washable fabric.
-Jarware Mason Jar Fruit Infusion Lid + 16oz Mason Jar - Take care of yourself and your body with this neat universal mason jar lid that helps you hydrate through the day while infusing delicious fruit in your water for a bit of extra flavor.
-Badass Affirmation Card Deck by Angie Hotz - These badass affirmation cards can help you remember to that you are amazing and you deserve to be treated with love, respect, and kindness - especially by yourself. You will get through the toughest of times and remember how strong you are, and remember how to take care of yourself in this time of need.

Spray Pal $50 gift card to spend on a variety of gifts from cloth diapers and accessories to candles and essential oil rollers www.spray-pal.com.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend!
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Friday, January 5, 2018

Spray Pal at Bump to Baby Franklin January 27th

Are you in Middle Tennessee? Mark your calendars for January 27th, 2018 for Bump to Baby Franklin. We'll be selling cloth diapers & accessories in the Spray Pal booth and we'd love for you to stop by and say hi. Jen and Dave will be there to answer any cloth diapering questions you may have!
This baby expo is great for new or expectant parents and their friends and family. The baby fair will feature more than 35 vendors, all day workshops (every 30 minutes from 10-5) and even a fashion show.
You'll be able to visit with vendors like photographers, sleep consultants, nutritionists, pediatric offices, party planners, midwives and doulas, boutiques and much more.
Tickets are $10 online & $15 at the door. Children 12 and under are free.
Get your tickets now & we'll see you there!

Last Chance for Lalabye Baby I Love You a Latte - Final Exclusive Release

RELEASE UPDATE: We now know that this release will happen on THIS Wednesday, Jan 10th at 11am Central Time!

Product Prices:Cover - $20.00
Grab N Go wetbag - $18.00
Quick Trip wetbag - $15.00
T-shirts - $15.00
Magnets - $10.00
Newborn diaper - $18.00
OS Grab N Go Bundle - $42.00
OS Quick Trip Bundle - $39.00
OS diaper - $24.00
OS Bundle - $83.00
Ultimate Bundle - $95.00

PLEASE READ: Due to the limited quantities available, there will be a ONE item limit per product listed. Meaning you can purchase 1 bundle and 1 individual diaper, wetbag, cover, etc. but you can't add more than ONE of any individual item to your cart.

We WILL have bundles available for purchase. These will include the following: 

Ultimate bundle: Includes one of the following: OS diaper, OS cover, Grab n Go, Quick Trip, newborn diaper + FREE T-shirt! (just mention size in order comments) - VERY LIMITED

One Size Bundle: 2 OS diapers, 1 cover, 1 Quick Trip wetbag + FREE t-shirt! (just mention size in order comments) - VERY LIMITED 

OS diaper + Grab n Go wetbag

OS diaper + Quick Trip wetbag

Stay tuned for a FB live before the release where we will announce some special FREE GIFTS with purchase!!

The final release of this amazing print is coming sometime next week. One size diapers, newborns, covers, and both sizes of wetbags will be available in very limited quantities. We're still working out the details for purchase limits (because we'll probably need some) and bundles for purchase, but we will keep you posted! If there's a bundle you'd love us to create for easier shopping, let us know in the comments below!

When the time comes, you'll find in-stock items HERE but don't wait. We expect these will go quickly and when they're gone, they're gone!

Be sure you're on our email list and follow our social media for the release date and time so you don't miss out! CLICK HERE TO JOIN EMAIL LIST

Shop I Love You a Latte:


Monday, January 1, 2018

Fuzzibunz Cloth Diapers & Spray Pal Make Cloth Mainstream Giveaway

Welcome to this week's Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway! We've teamed up with Fuzzibunz to offer you a great prize package this week.

You may know Fuzzibunz for their highly adjustable pocket diapers. You can get the perfect fit for your baby via their buttonhole elastic. Add their organic inserts and adorable prints/colors, and you have a match made in heaven.

Naturally, Spray Pal can help you keep your cloth diapers clean and your bathroom splatter-free.

One winner will receive a great prize package which includes:

Two Fuzzibunz diapers
& Spray Pal bundle with a diaper sprayer and splatter shield.

Total prize value is approximately $107.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

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