Thursday, June 16, 2016

#Minispraypal 1.0's Latest Endeavor: Her Very Own Cooking Show! {Recipe}

Now that summer is here, 1.0 and I have found a show we can both enjoy which (thankfully) doesn't involve princesses or ponies. It's the Food Network's Kids Baking Championship! I'm super excited that she's as into cooking shows as I was growing up, and I especially love that we can watch a show together before bedtime that doesn't make me want to gouge eyes out. No offense to all the Bronies and MLP fans out there. ;)

The other benefit to watching this show together is that it's encouraging a love of cooking and food exploration in her. Now when we go for groceries, she likes to pick out an easy recipe off Pinterest so she can try it at home. For this video, we adapted our own version of a watermelon popsicle to try out, and she loved it!!

Here's what we used in case you'd like to try this out with your kids:

1/2 bag of frozen strawberries (you can probably use fresh as well)
5 c. seedless watermelon
2 mangos
1 can of coconut water (we used grape flavored)

We only have 4 push-pop type popsicle molds, but this made enough to fill probably 10. We decided to drink the leftovers smoothie style and it was really good that way, too! The frozen strawberries helped keep it cold, so if you use fresh you may need to chill it first or add ice.

She really wanted me to make a video of her showing how to make this, so here you go! Enjoy my silly, sassy chef. :) And if you try this out, let us know how it goes in the comments below!