Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Grand Finale! {#miniSPbdaybash Day 8}

It's here! The very last day of our awesome giveaway celebration! We are so thankful to all of the brands who helped us celebrate, and we hope that even if you don't end up winning one of these amazing prizes, that you've found something new that you love and you'll check out their websites! Also, don't forget that you can still go back to the previous giveaways that haven't ended yet and grab those daily entries!

Now, for today's prizes!!

Molly's Suds is giving away not one, but THREE great products: Starter pack ($70) + Oxygen Whitener ($9.99) + Laundry Powder 120 Loads ($21.99)

Lalabye Baby is giving away a $25 gift card to their website.

Haba is giving away THREE toys including two new 4” Little Friends bendy dolls and the 10th Anniversary Animal Upon Animal tin game.

B.O.N. is giving away their Nourishing Skin Oil (100 mL) valued at $24.99.

Enter below, and good luck!!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

We're back with even MORE prizes!! {#miniSPbdaybash Day 7}

Today's prize package is pretty exciting...Balm! Baby is giving away one of their brand bundles perfect for any cloth diapering parent! I love that they collaborate so well with so many amazing brands. Check out all the awesome stuff this bundle includes:

BALM! Baby Diaper Essentials Deluxe * BRAND BUNDLE $106 value Includes:

•  Diaper Balm 2oz. ($10.99 value) 

•  Juice those Wipes - 9oz. ($13.95 value)
•  Sanitize those Hands! - 2.7oz ($5.99 value) 
•  BALM! Baby THE Little One - 1/2oz. ($4.99 value)
•  BALM! Baby Spray that Bottom ($12.99 value)
•  Smart Bottoms SMART ONE Wet Bag ($18 value)
•  LuLuDew Cloth Wipes Pack (2) ($15.00 value)
•  Spray Pal Diaper Shield ($25 value)

But that's not all! We also have an amazing prize from Bambino Mio so that you'll have some cloth diapers to use all of those Balm! Baby essentials with! They are giving away a bundle of their new geometric prints, and if you haven't seen them yet...take my word, they are adorable.

And who doesn't love the adorable clothes from Project Pomona?! Our winner will receive their choice of a pair of their jeans AND a pair of shorts, both of which are perfect for wearing over cloth diapers!

Enter below and good luck!!
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Friday, March 25, 2016

Have you tried the GroVia ONE? {Giveaway Day 6}

We're so thankful Ryan has so many wonderful brands out there who love to help us celebrate his birthday by giving you guys some amazing prizes!

Today we have some items that I absolutely love, and if you haven't tried them yet, this is the perfect opportunity!

The Day 6 winner will win:
  • The GroVia ONE cloth diaper in your choice of in stock color or print + zippered wetbag, value is $31.95
  • Baby Bello Organic Play Mat, Retail value: $229. Description: Play naturally. The Baby Bello Organic Play Mat is the perfect place for playing, crawling, toppling, tumbling, rolling, and relaxing. At 55″ square (that’s 4.5 feet), it’s big enough to enjoy with your newborn, infant, toddler, or child. Kids and adults alike love the generous size, thick padding and 100% Organic cotton cover. You’ll love that it’s made in the USA, with non-toxic materials. And unlike other play and activity mats, you can look forward to years of use! 
  • B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil (100 mL) valued at $24.99 
Click below to enter and GOOD LUCK!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Today's Prize: Thirsties, Sarah Wells Bags, and MORE! {Giveaway Day 5}

The fun just keeps on coming!! Today's prize, much like yesterday's, will be great for any pumping mama out there. But again, there's something for everyone! Whether you're cloth diapering or not, nursing or not, pumping or not, you have a newborn or not, you'll love winning this prize package because whatever you can't use can easily be gifted to someone who CAN use it and it'll make their day! Here's what today's winner will receive:

A Duo Wrap Woodland Collection Package of cloth diaper covers from Thirsties - Value $66.25
The  Sarah Wells “Lizzy” Breast Pump Bag in Gray - Value $99.99
Your choice of a Padalily Cushion (If you haven't seen these, they are great! They are cushions that go on the handle of the infant car seat to prevent your arm from the pain of that heavy bar!! Another wonderful mom-invented product!) Value $25-28
A variety pack of butipods plus winner’s choice of 2-pack of printed butipods. These are great for holding cloth wipes (or disposable) in your diaper bag! - Value $32

Good luck to all who enter, and keep checking back for more! We've still got three days left to go in the #miniSPbdaybash!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nursing and Pumping Moms Rejoice! {#miniSPbdaybash day 4}

If you're nursing or pumping, you'll absolutely love today's prize package! The new Tess All in One nursing and hands free pumping chemise is insanely gorgeous and functional. Check it out here: The Dairy Fairy website.

As with all of our prize packages, there's something for everyone!! SwimZip is your go-to for sun protection with their stylish and functional UV 50+ swimsuits and Zipper Rash Guards.  My kids actually LOVE to wear them, and they are extremely comfortable!

We're also giving away a B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil (100 mL) valued at $24.99 - a natural stretch oil to help stretch marks and soothe itching bellies during pregnancy. 

And last but not least, for our cloth diapering families, a 3 pack of super soft unbleached terry cloth CONTOUR diaper with sewn-in soaker by Daizea.

Enter by clicking below, and GOOD LUCK!
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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Lillebaby carrier, AppleCheeks cloth diapers and MORE!

Some of you guessed this on Persicope earlier today, and here it is as promised!! On day 3 of Ryan's special birthday giveaway, you can win your very own Lillebaby carrier! And the best part is, you can choose the style that works best for you! We are clearly out of the baby stage now that he's four, but we still love our Lillebaby toddler carrier, and he still has room to grow!

If you are still baby wearing in the baby stage...Baby Undersocks are the perfect solution to the hiking up of the pants phenomenon! The socks are actually connected to the leggings, so baby's legs and feet will stay nice and cozy in all weather.

Additionally, you can win a microterry cloth diaper bundle from what's not to love?? Enter below for these awesome prizes, and don't forget you can still go back and enter (or do the daily entries for) day 1 and day 2 if you haven't already! Good luck!

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Day 2 of the 2016 #miniSPbdaybash Giveaway!

We'll keep the party train rolling with this awesome prize package from a few of our favorite brands: Smart Bottoms, Joovy, and Swell Forever!

There's something for everyone in this package (as with all of our prizes) because all of these items make amazing gifts!

You can learn more about each product at the links below, and enter to win on the rafflecopter form on the bottom of this page. Good luck!!

The Joovy Boob Gift Set PPSU retail value $130
Smart Bottoms cloth diapers prize retail value $37
Swell Forever $25 gift card

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

#miniSPbdaybash is LIVE for the third year running!

We couldn't miss this annual celebration in honor of our super star little guy, Ryan. I won't even be able to call him little much longer because he's turning FOUR today!!

We'll be waking up in a hotel in Indiana (halfway home from our road trip to Chicago for the Natural Parenting Store Conference which I forced the entire family to come along to so that we could all wake up together on his birthday!). We'll have a lovely breakfast (that I won't have to make), mom and dad will get Starbucks (I saw one on the way into the hotel), and we'll drive the rest of the way home to celebrate in style. ;)

This just made me realize it's our first family celebration in our new home in TN! So exciting to be starting new traditions as we settle in to our forever home. I know 1.0 is mostly looking forward to baking a cake together. Maybe we can actually get 2.0 to try some!

So, once again we will have a new giveaway each day starting on his birthday. This year there are EIGHT different prize bundles, so make sure you keep checking back and doing those daily entries on each giveaway. I was only planning on a week of giveaways, but I ended up adding an extra day because so many amazing brands wanted to be involved! Be sure to show them some love for helping us celebrate this big day.

So without further ado, I give you our first day's prizes!

1 Spray Pal diaper sprayer
1 Spray Pal splatter shield
A set of 3 reusable bags from spbang
A $75 gift card to Logan + Lenora
2 six packs of Smart Sheep wool dryer balls

This prize is valued at $260 and is open to winners WORLDWIDE!! Good luck!

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Ryan's Making More Sounds!!

You guys, after the craziness of today's recall, I had to share this HUGE milestone for #minispraypal 2.0! When Dave and Ryan picked Dani and me up at the airport yesterday after BabyFest, I was shocked to hear all the babble coming from the back seat! I swear Dave must have been working on him all weekend to say Dada because he was nailing the D sound like never before. It sounded like a legit baby babble conversation!! Up until then, he was doing lots of grunting and had really mastered the M sound (of course, because his first big syllable was MA!) ;)

Ryan's had his right implant activated in December of 2014 and his left ear activated almost exactly one year ago in April of 2015. He immediately became noisier with his babbling after they were activated, but he's never done anything like this before. Which is super exciting because we just don't know where he'll go with his oral language development, but this is definitely a big step in the right direction! We'll continue to immerse him in language and ASL and see where he will go with it all.

So here you have it, his latest sounds!! I think it sounds a lot like the sound we make when we tickle him. ;) What do you think?!

Spray Pal Shield Recall!

Hey everyone! So, I have a quick PSA I need to get out there, and if you know anyone in any of the mommy groups you're in who may have recently purchased a Spray Pal shield, please share this information with them!!

**Recall** Please email us ( if you purchased a new Spray Pal shield anytime after Feb. 25, 2016 and have had any issues with your snaps popping off. We will send a replacement right away! More info below**

In the process of moving our family from CA to TN, we also moved the production of our Spray Pal from CA to IN so it would be closer to us. This warehouse is affiliated with our former production warehouse, but they source their components from a different place. Namely, their snaps were sourced out of New Jersey, and this is what we need to address, because it turns out these snaps were mostly defective.

Shortly after we moved to TN, we received the first three pallets of Spray Pals from this new production facility. We had many retailers on back order and we were also nearly out of stock on Amazon, so as soon as they arrived we fulfilled all of those orders with what we were given. Once things settled down and we were caught up on all orders, we (well, Mr. Spray Pal while I was away in SoCal for BabyFest) decided to open a few packages and test them out. Learning note for future reference: DO THIS STEP FIRST NEXT TIME!! After opening and unsnapping 25 Spray Pal shields, 20 of them had snaps that popped off immediately upon opening. That's what we would call a significant phenomenon.

So, we immediately contacted the production facility and they acknowledged the issue and we are working together to make everything right with the world again. They've already sent us a sample Spray Pal shield with a brand NEW snap that's stronger than ever, and they're scheduled to ship us a pallet of these in the next few days.

This is our garage as we prepare to send back the remainder of the three pallets of Spray Pal shields with defective snaps.

In the meantime, if you have experienced this unfortunate phenomenon of the snap popping off of your shield as soon as you open it, PLEASE email us at! This would apply to anyone who purchased a new Spray Pal shield starting from around the end of February. It's important to note that NOT ALL of the shields purchased in this time frame will be affected. You'll know right away if you have a bad one because the snap will literally pop off after you open it. We still have a few cases in California that have the previous snaps that work great, and we will send you a replacement Spray Pal shield right away.

We've been providing the best customer service possible for the past almost 5 years we've been in business, and we always stand by our product. We wouldn't be here without our amazing customers and your word of mouth, so we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the perfect product to make your cloth diapering journey easier! Our biggest concern is that people won't see this in time and may think that these snaps are our standard, but it's not the case! Please SHARE this with anyone you know in the cloth diapering community so we can get the word out and make it right.

Going forward, rest assured that any purchases made on our website will contain the new and improved snaps. You can also check out our retailers tab to find a local store near you!