Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How to Store Your Spray Pal

The Spray Pal has become a cloth diapering staple for parents who want to handle dirty diapers the EASY way. But with any new and innovative product there may be some questions that pop up along the way. To help you make the most of your Spray Pal (and companion products) we're bringing you an entire FAQ series about our cloth diapering products, so stay tuned for more basics, how-tos, and silly shenanigans by following us here, on Facebook, Instagram, and even Periscope!

So let's get started! We asked you how you stored your Spray Pal and you didn't disappoint. Below are a few of our favorites. And for those who are wondering, CLICK HERE to see how WE store our Spray Pal at home!

While there may be no wrong way, @inherentparent does have some ideas about how-to and how-not-to store your Spray Pal.

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The Peak-a-Boo: Perfect for storage in a tight spot!

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Tub Time - Even Spray Pals enjoy a little R&R

Wet Bag Easy Peasy Hanging Storage: You can even store your qdspray!

Waste Binning: It's totally a thing.

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The Rebel. Who needs storage? Spray that baby off and set it on the floor. It'll tuck right behind the toilet and be ready for the next mess!

Want more great ideas? Check out the #spraypalstorage hashtag on Instagram! And feel free to share your tips below!

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