Saturday, December 30, 2017

Tips & Tricks to Make Cloth Diapering Easier

Cloth diapering can seem really intimidating when you're just getting started. Whose advice do you take? What do you really need? Here are a few tips & tricks to make cloth diapering easier!
1. A Diaper Sprayer & Spray Pal is an absolute must-have for any cloth diapering family. It takes the mess and yuck out of solid food diapers and comes in handy long after your diapering days are over. Just clip your diaper into the shield, spray at full blast with our super easy to install sprayer, and then drop into your pail liner or wetbag until laundry day. Spraying your diapers serves as a great pre-rinse and helps prevent stink and stains from building up in your diapers.

Fleece Liners are super soft and can not only help wick away moisture from baby's skin, but can make it even easier to clean solids. Especially if you have the Spray Pal set to spray them off! Plus they're super affordable, and you can even head to your local fabric store and cut up your own!

You can never have too many wet bags. Extra wet bags for around the house, in the car and even in the diaper bag can save the day!

4. If you're in a pinch, consider using Viva paper towels as disposable liners. And keep in mind that these are much more flushable than the disposable liners labeled "flushable". Those have been known to mess up plumbing and septic tanks when flushed, so if you use them, shake off as much as you can into the toilet (human waste shouldn't go to the landfill) and then toss the liner into the trash. Or avoid them altogether and spray instead! ;)

5. There is so much advice for washing cloth diapers that it can be head spinning. Our advice is to keep it simple! If a wash routine works for you, stick with it. The big wash routine groups you see on Facebook are meant for troubleshooting problems, so don't look in there and assume the worst. You can do it!

6. If you find a brand/style of cloth diapers you love, stick with it and only buy what you need. Try to avoid the Pokemon mentality. You don't "gotta catch 'em all!" ;) It helps to start with a few to test out on your baby and then invest in the styles/brands you love most. We made our Spray Pal Cloth Diapering Starter Kit for this very reason!

What would your top tip be for making cloth diapering easier?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Lalabye Baby & Spray Pal Make Cloth Mainstream Giveaway

Welcome to this week's Make Cloth Mainstream Monday Giveaway! We've teamed up with Lalabye Baby to offer you a fun prize package this week.

Have you met Lalabye Baby yet? They offer one-size diapers, diaper covers and adorably tiny newborn diapers all in awesome prints & colors. Oh, and did we mention they make accessories like wet/dry bags too? P.S. You can check out all the Lalabye Baby products carried by Spray Pal on our website.

Of course, you know (and love, right?) Spray Pal. As mentioned above, you can shop with us for cloth diapers, accessories & lots more in addition to our beloved splatter shield & diaper sprayer.

One winner will receive a great prize package which includes:

Winner's choice of solid color Lalabye Baby diaper
& Spray Pal splatter shield

Total prize value is approximately $45.

Grab your entries in the Rafflecopter form below and share with a friend to help make cloth mainstream!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, December 1, 2017

5 Great Gift Ideas for the Naturally-Minded Parent

Are you shopping for the "crunchy" mom or dad in your life and struggling with what yo get? We realize it can be hard to find gifts for the parent who feels they already have everything they need. And if she's anything like me, she probably offers no help in providing a wish list. Am I on the right track? ;) Well, we know it can be difficult to shop for that type of mom, so we've compiled a quick and easy list of items she may not have even realized she'd love!

Spray Pal's What to Do with the Poop Bundle is a must-have for any cloth diapering family. Even if they're just getting started with cloth, they will be glad to have it when they start baby on solid foods! The diaper sprayer comes in handy even after the kids have grown out of their diapers for any messy clean up you may encounter. Even personal hygiene! (Yes, I said it. Don't you judge.)

A Thirsties cloth diaper in one of their adorable prints is a welcome addition to any cloth diaper stash.

Babywearing is a lifesaver for any parent. Buy the mom you love a Lillebaby carrier so she can go about her day with her baby snuggled close with free hands to work on other things!

Not only is fractionated coconut oil great for baby's sensitive skin, but I've found it to be the absolute best remedy for dry, cracked winter skin now that we live in a state that actually gets cold in the winter. It's a life-saver and a definite staple for any crunchy household.

Osocozy prefolds not only make great diaper inserts, burp cloths, or added absorbency, but you can use them forever as shop rags or car drying towels! Any cloth diapering family would love to have a few extras on hand.
Ok, yes, this makes SIX gifts, but it deserved mentioning...because what parent doesn't love good coffee? The Portland Press Mason Jar French Press is made in the state of Oregon, out of materials sourced in the USA. It’s a simple, clean, practical design made out of fundamental materials: glass, wool, steel, wood. What's not to love?

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