Saturday, March 23, 2019

Rewards galore!

With all of the changes in the cloth diapering retail world we've had to take a step back to evaluate our own business goals. We will forever be committed to our first goal, which is to #makeclothmainstream and help families use their cloth diapers more easily with Spray Pal products. Over the years, we have had customers request that we carry more than just our "one time purchase" diaper sprayer and shield so that they could continue to shop with us and support our business. While we've always been customer-focused, we have now made it a priority to go above and beyond so that we can reach new customers and keep you all coming back for more. That way we can continue to offer all of the amazing products you have come to love!

So, when you shop small with Spray Pal, not only are you helping to support a family-run small business that provides great cloth diapering information to families both on our blog and on our podcast, plus at live events throughout the country, but there's also a little something in it for you!

Check out this awesome list of incentives that we hope will keep you shopping with us and coming back for more:

FREE SHIPPING through 2019 once you place 5 orders!
REWARD POINTS for shopping small on that get you 10% back on your purchases!
BONUS REWARDS for sharing the love on social media (check out our loyalty chat group for details)!
GIVEAWAYS, SPECIAL DISCOUNTS, AND FREEBIES! Be sure you're signed up for our EMAIL LIST and following along on social media for all of the fun details!

Of course, you'll also receive our super fast shipping (FREE in the USA on orders over $49!) and great customer service. We're always here to help!

Follow us on social media and join our Team Mainstream Facebook group to start earning BONUS REWARDS and access to our exclusive GIVEAWAYS! This is where we announce sales, exclusives, and other general fun things first! You can also ask general questions about cloth diapers and or life as it applies to being a parent. It's our little #makeclothmainstream corner of the internet!