Thursday, October 26, 2017

4 Creative Ways to Store Your Spray Pal Splatter Shield

If you have a Spray Pal Splatter Shield, we know you love it, but where do you store it? One of our suggestions is to store it in a wet bag and hang from the doorknob, but we also want to share these clever storage solutions from our customers!

In a Smart Bottoms On The Go Wetbag! It fits perfectly! - Trisha L.

We have zero room on the walls or next to the toilet. Creative husband = solution! - Hannah D

I drilled a hole in mine so I could hang it up! The Command hook is perfect for this. - Meghan R.

After we clean it, in the tub/shower. - Courtnay H.

How do you store your Spray Pal Splatter Shield?