Saturday, June 28, 2014

Modern Cloth Diapers on Reality TV?

Crazily enough, this actually could become a reality!  The Spray Pal family was selected to participate in filming a "teaser" for an upcoming reality show, which could air soon on one of the major TV networks!!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to show how our product is made and how our business is run (out of our home and garage) and get the help we need from Ally Loprete and her team of experts.  A HUGE side benefit is that this will definitely help #makeclothmainstream as millions families across America will suddenly be introduced to how easy, ecofriendly, economical and adorable cloth diapers can be!

Check out the teaser video below and let us know what you think!  We will keep you updated as the production crew selects which network they will work with and things get moving.  Yay for Spray Pal and cloth diapers on TV!!

This Little Parent Stayed Home from Bowstring Studios on Vimeo.