Thursday, August 14, 2014

Traveling with Cloth Diapers just got Easier!

Many of us start out with cloth diapering as a way to save some money for a couple of diaper changes a day at home.  We never really expect to put our baby in cloth 100% of the time because we just feel that overnight and outings might be too hard.  Then we start looking into it (and falling in love with the daytime fluff), and we realize that overnight really isn't as hard as we had anticipated.  So, we get a few prefolds or fitteds and covers to test out and realize our baby will sleep through the night in one diaper.  So, now we're using cloth full time at home, but not on outings.  No way.

Then there's that one day when we're heading out to a quick trip to the park and we realize we don't have any disposables. Or maybe we're heading in for a doctor's visit and we want to show off our adorable cloth diapers.  So we make an exception and grab a couple extra cloth diapers, a wetbag, and some wipes and just wing it in cloth, just for this one outing.  All of a sudden, bringing cloth on outings doesn't seem so daunting!  Woohoo, cloth full time!!

But wait.  What about that week long trip we have planned to visit Grandma out of state?  NO WAY can we bring cloth diapers along.  What will we do with the dirties?  Nobody wants my baby's poop in their washing machine.  This just can't be done.  Or CAN it?!? ;)

Enter the Qdspray and a Spray Pal!  The Qdspray is a portable diaper sprayer that attaches to your sink.  This is awesome in so many ways.  Let me list them for you:

  1. You can take it with you where ever your cloth diapering heart may lead you.  Just make sure the sink is compatible or that you have the correct adapter.
  2. By hooking it to a sink you have access to hot or cold water through your sprayer.
  3. If you're worried about an older child finding the diaper sprayer attached to your toilet and using it as a water blaster, you won't have to worry about this one. ;) 
So if you're planning on camping in a tent or RV, or even just bringing cloth diapers to stay with squeamish relatives, you can just show them your awesome pre-rinsing system which will get your diapers super clean before you put them in the washer and will also keep their bathroom's spotless by keeping any splatter right where it belongs, in the toilet! 

Et voila! Now ANYONE can cloth diaper ANYWHERE without a worry in the world! ;)

The Spray Pal and qdspray are available in a bundle on the Spray Pal website with FREE shipping in the US!


  1. I really like the idea of the spray pal. Right now, I am using a bucket, which is messy unless I take it outside to spray, and that leaves baby poo all over the back yard!

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