Monday, May 11, 2015

Preparing for Disney World with #minispraypal 1.0

Growing up near Disneyland in California, and even working as a cast member there for 3.5 years, hasn't succeeding in wearing off the Disney magic for me. I still get giddy about a trip to Disneyland, especially now that I can bring my kids and experience the magic through their eyes. So, imagine my excitement when I found out that MommyCon would be traveling to Orlando in May 2015!

I immediately start plotting out a mini family vacay with my four year old daughter. It's perfect because she is the one who asks me EVERY time I leave for a business trip, "Can I come with you this time, Mommy?" And also, Mr. Spray Pal really is a Scrooge McDuck when it comes to Disney. So a mother/daughter trip is perfect, perfect, perfect and I am 1000% times more excited than she is!! She doesn't quite understand the difference between Disneyland and Disney World, so this is going to HUGE.  I can't wait to watch her experience this.

Me and my girl at her school's Mother's Day tea.
So, what am I doing to prepare? Research doesn't even begin to describe it. Let's just say, I'm going to need an intervention to keep me off the My Disney Experience app once this trip is over.

Seriously addicting. Once you start, you won't stop!
We are staying at a moderate Disney Resort, and I didn't realize that staying on site gave us an advantage for making FastPass+ and dining reservations earlier than the general public. (Yeah, sorry Anna and Elsa FastPass for you, girl!). As soon as I realized I could make these reservations in advance, I scrambled to get what was left, and honestly I'm not disappointed.  I think we will have a great variety of attractions and dining experiences, and yes, we'll just have to wait in line for the more popular attractions. ;)  Luckily, I've been stalking the wait times on my app and it seems that with the fastpass system in place the standby lines aren't as crazy as I remember them being at Disneyland when I was a kid.

5 minute wait times?! Amazing!
Other preparations we've been doing: Mini SP 1.0 has been upping her game in the chores department trying to earn some souvenir spending money.  She's excited to buy something for herself and her brother, and I'm trying to help her realize that these things don't come free. I think it's been a great lesson so far, and I love that she's thinking about her brother, too. She even said, "Maybe we can take a video while we're there and we can bring it back and show Ryan when we get home so he's not sad that he didn't get to come." #bestsisterEVER

She's busting out the piggy bank for this one. ;)
So, a couple of questions for you all...if you've experienced Disney World before, is there anything we shouldn't miss? Any tips or tricks for saving time using the Disney transportation? Oh, and here's a BIG question: I just checked the weather and it looks like it's supposed to be 93 and RAINING on both of our days in the parks. We're not going to let a little rain scare us off, but tips for dealing with that? Ponchos and rain boots, or....??  Thanks for any advice!!

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