Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Seriously addicted to Periscope!

Ok, you guys. It's almost starting to look like we are sponsored by Periscope around here, but I assure you we're not. We just REALLY love it. Like a lot. (Although, if Periscope is reading this, we are TOTALLY open for sponsorship opportunities, LOL!)

This new platform, which is owned by Twitter, was introduced to me by a networking group I'm in on Facebook (see how the world of social media is so intertwined??) and I've been hooked ever since I finally caved and downloaded the app on my iPhone. It was super easy to set up an account because it just connected everything through my Twitter account. I was able to find the people I already follow on Twitter and follow them, then I just waited for the magic to happen.

I highly recommend spending a little bit of time exploring the app when you first get it installed. It's fascinating, really. I went to the map page and right away I could see little red dots with numbers indicating people who were live periscoping around the world. It's pretty easy to figure out which a random spammers or 12 year olds and which might actually be worth popping into. I got to watch the Disneyland and Sea World fireworks shows live from my bed, and the other night I even got to see 311 perform live in Austin from my home in Southern California! (Which begs the question if there will be certain copyright and piracy block put in place eventually, but...yeah.) Periscope is so new to the scene that I think there will still be a lot of kinks to work out as they grow, but mark my words, I think this will be the hot new social media platform of the future!

Now, the big question for us is: How can we use Periscope to #makeclothmainstream? Right now we are still in the exploration stage, but I see great things coming live cloth diapering 101 classes, Spray Pal demos dealing with specific styles of diapers, etc. We even did a Periscope Take Over on Green Child Magazine's channel which was super fun and got them over 11,000 hearts!! I'm basically just playing around with the app and figuring out the ins and outs of how it works at this point, but I LOVE asking you guys questions on there and seeing what works for you. Remember when I was still trying to figure out Twitter?? Spray Pal fans are so helpful and knowledgeable...I know we can figure out this Periscope thing together, too!

If you haven't downloaded the app yet, I really think you should! Be sure to follow @spraypal so we can connect! We like to talk cloth diapers, small business, social media, and we'll live broadcast on our travels! We're open to suggestions, too! What would you like to see on the Spray Pal Periscope channel?? Leave us a comment below to let us know!

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