Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spray Pal Shield Recall!

Hey everyone! So, I have a quick PSA I need to get out there, and if you know anyone in any of the mommy groups you're in who may have recently purchased a Spray Pal shield, please share this information with them!!

**Recall** Please email us ( if you purchased a new Spray Pal shield anytime after Feb. 25, 2016 and have had any issues with your snaps popping off. We will send a replacement right away! More info below**

In the process of moving our family from CA to TN, we also moved the production of our Spray Pal from CA to IN so it would be closer to us. This warehouse is affiliated with our former production warehouse, but they source their components from a different place. Namely, their snaps were sourced out of New Jersey, and this is what we need to address, because it turns out these snaps were mostly defective.

Shortly after we moved to TN, we received the first three pallets of Spray Pals from this new production facility. We had many retailers on back order and we were also nearly out of stock on Amazon, so as soon as they arrived we fulfilled all of those orders with what we were given. Once things settled down and we were caught up on all orders, we (well, Mr. Spray Pal while I was away in SoCal for BabyFest) decided to open a few packages and test them out. Learning note for future reference: DO THIS STEP FIRST NEXT TIME!! After opening and unsnapping 25 Spray Pal shields, 20 of them had snaps that popped off immediately upon opening. That's what we would call a significant phenomenon.

So, we immediately contacted the production facility and they acknowledged the issue and we are working together to make everything right with the world again. They've already sent us a sample Spray Pal shield with a brand NEW snap that's stronger than ever, and they're scheduled to ship us a pallet of these in the next few days.

This is our garage as we prepare to send back the remainder of the three pallets of Spray Pal shields with defective snaps.

In the meantime, if you have experienced this unfortunate phenomenon of the snap popping off of your shield as soon as you open it, PLEASE email us at! This would apply to anyone who purchased a new Spray Pal shield starting from around the end of February. It's important to note that NOT ALL of the shields purchased in this time frame will be affected. You'll know right away if you have a bad one because the snap will literally pop off after you open it. We still have a few cases in California that have the previous snaps that work great, and we will send you a replacement Spray Pal shield right away.

We've been providing the best customer service possible for the past almost 5 years we've been in business, and we always stand by our product. We wouldn't be here without our amazing customers and your word of mouth, so we will do whatever it takes to make sure you get the perfect product to make your cloth diapering journey easier! Our biggest concern is that people won't see this in time and may think that these snaps are our standard, but it's not the case! Please SHARE this with anyone you know in the cloth diapering community so we can get the word out and make it right.

Going forward, rest assured that any purchases made on our website will contain the new and improved snaps. You can also check out our retailers tab to find a local store near you!

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