Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#ShopSmall this Prime Day!

If you've ever shopped on Amazon before, you surely know by now that they are hosting their 2nd annual Prime Day today, July 12th. You really can't miss all the ads on the sidebar of every website ever. Last year's Prime Day was met with high anticipation from customers hoping to score an awesome deal, only to find that most of the products offered were things they didn't really care to purchase, even at 40% off. The #PrimeDayFail hashtag was quite a fun one to follow, and begs the question, will this year be different?

We were actually asked to apply to have a Prime Day deal on Spray Pal products, but our products weren't selected this year. My guess is that 1) we weren't able to discount our items as deeply as they would've liked, and 2) after last year's #PrimeDayFail fiasco, they're probably looking for items that are considered more "mainstream" and "exciting" to the average customer.

So while there are plenty of cloth diapering moms and dads who would be THRILLED to take advantage of a discount on the greatest poop splatter shield on the market, Amazon probably just didn't see it that way. Which actually worked out well because we wanted to provide a sale or discount but we didn't want to undercut our retailers. So, we decided, instead of a discount on Amazon, how about we support our small business retailers with a sale instead?? For this year's Prime Day, we'll be sharing a list of retailers who are offering an approved sale on our Spray Pal products. Stay tuned on social media for this list!

Running a cloth diapering store is hard work and comes with lots of overhead, especially if you have a physical brick and mortar location. But these stores are invaluable resources to their local communities. Just think how many families they can educate, support, and build a community with in their local area. Without these stores, cloth diapers wouldn't be nearly as mainstream as they are today. One of the best things we can do to help #makeclothmainstream is to support our local stores by shopping (and BUYING) locally. We hope you'll consider checking out their deals on Spray Pal and adding a few other cloth diapering items to your cart when you shop, because who really needs another cheaply made phone battery pack at 40% off anyways? ;)

Every day is a Prime Day to shop small. :)

Now that Prime Day 2016 is over, please check out our list of retailers to find out if you have one near you and support them by spending your dollars locally! You can find them HERE on our retailer map!

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