Thursday, November 24, 2016

Black Friday with Spray Pal!

Ain't no party like a Spray Pal party...and that includes Black Friday through Cyber Monday!

We'll be partying like it's 1999 (price-wise anways), and if you're looking to beef up your stash of cloth diapers and accessories, this is definitely the time to do it. I started cloth diapering mini Spray Pal 1.0 back in November of 2010 and I couldn't believe my luck when Black Friday came around. I literally bought her entire stash on sale, and the freebies were amazing because I learned about products and brands that I never realized existed!

So, with so many amazing sales going on, why shop at Well, here's why:

Just use the code "SPRAYPALBF" to apply the 15% off discount to the brands listed above! The stackable freebies are super easy...they'll be added to you order automatically each time you reach the spending threshold. No code necessary for those!

But wait, there's more!!

Not only will we have amazing discounts on the cloth diapers and Spray Pal products, but we'll also have FREE SHIPPING on all orders in the US! No minimums!!

Oh wait, what's that? You aren't convinced? How about this:
When this gorgeous Spray Pal + Smart Bottoms exclusive came out in April, we were all blown away by how quickly it sold out. But I had to hold a few back just in case of any shipping mishaps or manufacturing issues, and since there weren't many, I get to release these again! There will be VERY limited quantities for these, so if you're hoping to order other items to get to a certain level of stackable freebies, you'll want to do that early and be logged in ready to buy at midnight Eastern time!

Oh, what's that you said? You missed out on the beautiful Quick Trip in Azulejo? Not to worry! We'll be re-releasing a few we held back for shipping issues and oversells!  Again, quantities are VERY limited, so you'll want to have your cart loaded and ready to go!

One last thing I'd like to point out in case you missed it (I realize it's hard to miss the smaller details when you're looking at DISCOUNTS, STACKABLE FREEBIES, FREE SHIPPING, and RELEASING LIMITED EDITION DIAPERS), but we're also doing some GIVEAWAYS!! Every order placed between Black Friday through Cyber Monday that contains ANY Smart Bottoms product will automatically be entered to win a DOO-dle Me Cover! And each order that contains ANY Lalabye Baby product will automatically be entered to win an Azulejo cloth diaper!!

Hopefully I've convinced you with all of this amazingness, but just in case it needed to be said, we LOVE our Spray Pal customers so much and your silly order notes and social media comments always brighten our THANK YOU for shopping with us!

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