Friday, March 17, 2017

It's All in the "Two"

It's All in the "Two" I thought there was no way I could use cloth. I thought that I was far too disgusted by poop to deal with it on that level. Discover what I learned...
Last year, when my sister suggested that we cloth diaper the babies we were each expecting, the only thing I could think was "But the poop..." It was the only reason I could think of for NOT cloth diapering. I thought that there was no way I could ever use cloth. I thought that I was far too disgusted by poop to deal with it on that level.

At that point, when cloth was brought up, I pictured myself having to dunk flat diapers in the toilet to get off the poo, then throw them in a bucket to be washed later. Blech. I went home and kept thinking about why in the world my sister would want to cloth diaper her baby, especially when we have the convenience of disposable diapers. I mean, what is easier than wrapping the poop and dirty wipes together and throwing them in the trash?!

Once I looked up modern cloth, I found that they are actually pretty cute. They were more like disposables than I could've ever imagined. I wanted to know more! I continued researching, and finally decided that I was going to try cloth when my baby was born.

Even though I was going to try cloth, I was still nervous about this poop issue. Was I going to be dunking these cute diapers? I envisioned myself with a doctors mask (because I knew if I smelled it, I'd vomit), an apron to keep my clothes clean, and plastic gloves to protect my hands. What I saw was myself looking more like a surgeon than a mother.

I learned something interesting about big, bad #2 before my daughter was born. When your baby is EBF (exclusively breast fed), the poop is water soluble, and there really isn't a need to do the dunk. When it's that consistency, you just throw it in the wash, and you're done. Yup. It's that easy. You aren't washing any more poop than you would if your baby had a blow out. I planned on my baby being EBF anyway, so I was sold.

My baby is almost 8 months old, eats solids and breastfeeds, and poop has never been an issue. Most of the time, her dirty diapers get thrown in the washer. When it's more solid, Spray Pal is there to save my day. Instead of dunking, I can put the diaper in my Spray Pal Shield, spray it with my Spray Pal sprayer, and it's over with quickly and painlessly.

I love my cloth and I'm so happy to get to have this experience with my baby. I would recommend to anyone that they not let this issue be an issue. Cloth diapering (and Spray Pal) has been a life saver to my family.

This article been generously contributed by Leah Rogers, a member of Spray Pal's Team Mainstream!

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