Thursday, April 27, 2017

Getting Started with Cloth Diapers: Step 1

Step 1: Doing the Research

This may seem pretty obvious, but it bears mentioning as the first step in the cloth diapering journey. You would be surprised how many people start looking into cloth diapers, but end up quitting before they even begin because of information overload. Whether you've just had a brand new baby or you have one on the way, you surely have plenty on your mind. Cloth diapers don't need to be an overwhelming part of the "brain pie chart" that divvies up what you need to focus your attention on. This short video will give you tips and tricks for doing the best research (read: quick and concise) to get you started on your cloth diapering journey the easy way!

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Just a side note on "picking the brains of your local retailers" - I mentioned this when we were shooting this video, but to keep things short and sweet for you all, it ended up on the cutting room floor. So I wanted to mention it here. Be careful about "showrooming" in your local cloth diaper store. If you are lucky enough to have a brick and mortar store near you that carries cloth diapers, definitely go in and ask them questions and check out the products in person. Just keep in mind that if they are supporting you in your cloth diapering journey, it's a very nice gesture to support them in turn for their time/overhead costs by shopping in their store. It really takes a toll on small businesses if you spend the time looking and asking questions in their store only to go home and purchase products online to save a buck or two. There aren't many physical cloth diaper stores left out there, and if you enjoy having one in your area it's important to show your support with your shopping dollars. :)

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