Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Warning! Video contains REAL {poop} ;)

I came across this video in our YouTube files, and I felt it was worth sharing again...even though we filmed it using one of the original Spray Pal shield models and the Flo sprayer because this was from before the time of launching our very own sprayer (which, by the way, has AMAZING, adjustable water pressure and is even easier to install #shamelessplug). The reason I feel it's worth sharing is that it has a crazy number of views on it. Which means either cloth diapering families are curious to see how our Spray Pal system REALLY works...or...there are a whole bunch of creepers out there trying to watch gross things on the internet. I'm going to let my mind settle on the first option, because sanity is fun. ;)

So, if you've been on the fence about the Spray Pal and you want to know if it really works on that stuck on peanut butter poop, check this video out and let us know what you think! Just be forewarned that there is actual poop on the diaper, so maybe wait to watch until you're finished eating your lunch. Or not, because we're moms and we've seen worse, right? LOL.

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