Saturday, November 29, 2014

Small Business Saturday!

This year for Small Business Saturday, we're teaming up with our absolute FAVORITE small business (besides Spray Pal) to bring you some awesome giveaways and fun! 

The purpose behind Small Business Saturday is to get holiday shoppers to focus on the benefits of spending your money where it really counts.  Big box stores always have great deals, but that's because the can afford to!  Small businesses offer the best deals that they can, but the overhead for running their business comes directly from their paycheck.  So you can see why most small businesses can't really offer those deep 30,40, even 50% discounts.  But, when you think about what you're paying for, you might think twice about where you spend your hard earned dollars.

Here at Spray Pal, you're paying for a product that is made in the USA with the highest quality materials.  Our splatter shield is BPA free and made from 50% post-consumer recycled polyethylene.  Every once in a while the post office roughs up one of our packages or one of our clips might have a quality control issue.  And by shopping small with us, you know that you can send us a message any time and we will help resolve your issue.  You can't beat the customer service.  Plus, you get to feel good knowing that your dollars are not only saving your time and money on bathroom cleaning supplies over the long run, but you're also supporting a hard working family, allowing me to work from home and around my kids' schedules, and you're helping cover the crazy medical expenses and insurance stuff we deal with as my other "full time" job. ;)

So, stay tuned as we share about the fun people behind the scenes at Spray Pal on Instagram and our Facebook page throughout the day!

Now, on to our OTHER favorite local small business! If you follow us on social media, you can probably guess who I'm talking about: my brother's place, Beach City Brewery!  Who knew back when we were kids that when we grew up, we'd both end up owning businesses in our 30s!  When I was in college at UC Irvine working toward my teaching degree, and my kid brother was still at Servite High School, I NEVER in a million years would've guessed that in just over a decade I would be selling a cloth diapering accessory and helping #makeclothmainstream out of my home while he was opening up a craft beer brewery just about a mile away! Life is crazy, I'm telling you.

My brother, Glenn, and I have teamed up today to bring you a special SIBLINGS edition of Small Business Saturday! All you have to do is show us how you are shopping small this weekend.  Enjoying nice weather?  Head to your local cloth diapering store and take a selfie of yourself shopping there. Or head out to a local watering hole and order yourself a local craft beer (legal stuff should be said here, I'm sure.  Be over 21, have a DD, etc.)  Weather not so great?  Order from a small business online and show us a screen shot of your order! (Just make sure we can't see your address or other personal info...don't want that stuff leaking on the interwebs!)  The best of ALL these worlds would be if you stopped by Beach City Brewery in Huntington Beach, CA today and then ordered something from the Spray Pal from your phone while there. OMG, instant winner right there! ;)

Do any of the above this weekend (through Cyber Monday), take a photo or video and share it on social media, and then TAG US so we can see it!  You can also use the hashtags #craftbeermeetsclothdiapers and #smallbizsat.  Then come back here and grab all your entries in the rafflecopter to win prizes from us!  We bought some BCB gift cards (perfect for SoCal locals) and we have some great cloth diapering prizes that we'll be giving out to non-locals.  Thank you for supporting small business this year!
Instagram: @spraypal and @beachcitybrewery
Twitter: @spray_pal and @BeachCityBrew

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  1. Growing Spurts (gently used kids cloths, carriers, cloth diapers- Indianapolis)
    Knots of Rainbows (instagram and fb knit hats and blankets)
    RockerbyeBaby (instagram and fb booger bashers and custom bedding)
    Kirtlan Krew (fb cloth wipes and burp rags)
    Doodle Fluff (fb custom art on cloth diapers)
    Dream Diapers
    Lalabye Baby

  2. I bought an AC insert from our local store last night, as well as a handmade necklace from Toronto. On Thursday, I ordered some diaper stuff from a smallbiz diaper store about an hour away. :D Also, my husband and I are craft beer crazy! Ontario has an amazing craft beer industry, in my opinion. I'm gonna be all hipster though, and say we were into craft beer before it was cool. :)

  3. Packard's, Unicorn bookstore, Antique mall, Ramona Family Naturals, Affordable Treasures.

  4. Sweetbottoms baby boutique. I love shopping online in their store.