Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mystery Bundles are BACK!

For a very limited time, as in TODAY only from 9am EST until midnight (or until we run out), we are bringing back our very popular Mystery Bundles!! If you've ever bought one of our bundles in the past, then you know these are super fun, super mysterious, and super sought after! And such a great way to add to your cloth diapers stash. So make sure you're on our site right at 9am to get your order in!

What makes these super fun?

Well, they're a great way to bulk up your cloth diaper stash and try new brands you've been curios about. Trying new fluff is always fun!! But maybe you're one of those fluffy moms who only likes a certain brand for your baby. Well, this will be fun for you, too! Put in your order comments whatever you want us to know and we will do our best to accommodate! An example: "We only use ________ and I already have _______ print but I'd love anything girly!" What a fun surprise to get some new colors and prints in a brand you love, right?? ;)

Mysterious you say? Why all the mystery? What's so fun about that?

I'm so glad you asked! Every so often we get into a bind where we need to make room to stock NEW and exciting items (ahem...exclusives), but it's not the typical time of year where we can offer a big sale. You'll find the big sales typically run around Black Friday and Earth Day. Well, we need the space now! So we can offer a limited number of mystery bundles specially curated for you (but...thought we do take your requests strongly into consideration, we cannot guarantee you'll get exactly what you ask for because it will be limited to the stock we have on hand...which is a MYSTERY!!!) and this way we aren't breaking any brands' rules by running sales.

So when you say "sought after" what exactly are we talking here?

Let's just say, if you want to grab yourself a bundle, which of COURSE you do, I would recommend getting on our site right at 9am. Maybe even a bit earlier if you want to check out all we have to offer and get your comments/requests typed out. These bundles will be available in 2 different price points, and when we have done them in the past they have completely sold out. We pack them in the order that they are received, so those who order right at 9am are likely to get more of their wishes granted. If we do sell out early, there is a chance we could restock some later in the afternoon depending on what inventory we have left after those bundles get packed up. But you don't want to take the chance on missing out, these are always such a great deal and we love seeing all of your fluff mail photos after!!

Some last minute tips and tricks: If you are hoping for a Spray Pal diaper sprayer, you'll definitely want to go for the $75 mystery bundle and mention it in your order comments. You can also include requests for cloth diapers with it because you'll obviously get more than just a sprayer. But the $75 bundle is the only one that might include a sprayer in it. If you're hoping for a Spray Pal shield, you can choose either bundle and put it in your comments along with other wishes/requests. Also, your wishes don't have to be just about cloth diapers...if you're needed pail liners, wetbags, or cloth wipes, just mention that! We have a lot to offer and we need to make a lot of space, so nothing is off limits for requests (just remember we cannot guarantee you'll get EXACTLY what you wish for, but we will try)!! Happy shopping!

Here's the Spray Pal website if you want to check out the awesomeness that *might* become part of your mystery bundle: www.spray-pal.com I'll throw in the link to the mystery bundles after they go live!!

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