Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Spray Pal Demo with Calgary Cloth

In case you missed it we did a LIVE Facebook with Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot (one of our awesome Canadian retailers) to show fans and customers how to use their Spray Pal Sprayer and Splatter Shield.

In this video we cover how to spray AppleCheeks (of course, this is a Canadian store and we love AC!), prefolds, and even trainers!

We hope this video answers your questions on using the Spray Pal, be sure to follow our own Facebook page for notifications for the next time we go live. Our live demos are a great time to ask questions and get them answered on VIDEO right away! We do live videos on our own page and also on retailer pages, all of which will be announced through our own page. Plus they tend to have a giveaway with them ;)


  1. Thanks Jen and Dave for joining us on our page and sharing Spray Pal with our fans !

    1. It was our pleasure! We had lots of fun. Thanks for the invite!